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Since Hugh and I are working semi-near each other right now (I’m in Dupont, he’s in Chinatown), yesterday we decided to break the Monday blues up with a lunchtime rendezvous at Au Bon Pain, aka ABP. I had to walk a mile to get there, but it was well worth it. I haven’t had a good ABP lunch since surviving solely on their chocolate croissants, hazelnut coffee and chef salads in college. Those were the days — when it didn’t matter that ABP is actually quite expensive, because we paid with our meal plan. Sigh.

I had a turkey club and Hugh had a turkey melt and the second half of my turkey club; and we both paused mid-meal and wondered what we were thinking … had we not just eaten turkey for the last week? Clearly it didn’t matter — ABP = delicious.

This guy was secretly betting on how long it took me to pull out my camera.

I think it was seven minutes. So sue me.

This guy probably also doesn’t want me to elaborate on how nostalgic it was to meet him for lunch at ABP. I believe it was our second “date” that we first met up for lunch at ABP on campus in between classes and work. And of course we paid for ourselves using our meal plan. So romantic.

I guess we’ve grown up since then — he picked up the check and we couldn’t linger and chat because we had real grown-up jobs to get back to.


Deck the Halls

I love the holidays.

I love the smell of Christmas and the traditions and the magic of it. Yes, in my family we still actively participate in the magic of Christmas. Early yesterday morning Mom and I, all hopped up on holiday cheer and caffeine, went out shopping for Christmas decor for my apartment and I’ve been a whirlwind of ribbon and ornaments ever since.

Even though it goes against everything I believe in, I have a 6-foot tall artificial Christmas tree. During our tree trimming party this afternoon, Rebecca and I covered the tree in gold and it is beautiful, but it’s artificial. In an effort to come to terms with this internal struggle, Mom gave me a candle that smells like Christmas tree. So the fake tree suffices for now.

I gave Rebecca an extra special ornament for her to put on the tree this year. It’s a giant diamond ring.

Of course decorating the tree wasn’t enough for us today, so as we continued to listen to Christmas music we popped open a bottle of champagne and threw ourselves into craft time. There is glitter everywhere.

And Prince’s love for plastic bags backfired

He got his head and one arm stuck in the handle of this bag, which I eventually had to cut him out of. After taking pictures of his distress.

We made it a perfect night with chinese delivery and an annual screening of Love Actually. Now that the apartment is in the Christmas spirit, I hope to get all my shopping done this week… It’s unlikely, but a girl can hope.


The Commonwealth Cup

I just finished my Thanksgiving weekend visit with the parents with a big Hokie win against UVa. No matter how many times we win the Commonwealth Cup (this is our seventh straight win), it always feels good. We even let them score late in the fourth quarter, out of the goodness of our hearts I guess. I love watching the games with my parents because they taught me how to be a Hokie and the importance of high-fiving at every positive play and of course when we score. Here we are being Hokies


before the 2007 home opener against ECU

at the homecoming game in 2007

at my graduation in front of Torgersen bridge

Go Hokies!

Still Thankful

For family, VT basketball wins, four-day weekends, and for food

It has been a great Thanksgiving, and today’s leftover meals lived up to all my expectations. Now we’re getting ready to send Dylan back off to school to finish the semester. He’s going back tonight so that he can go to the football game tomorrow (yes, I’m jealous) when we play another Commonwealth Cup against our rivals UVa.

Ew, UVa.

Go Hokies!

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