Thank your mom

My grandma always says that it’s strange how we celebrate birthdays. Rather than celebrating the person who’s turning a year older, we should celebrate the mom that made it possible. She is, afterall, the one who did the hard work on this day so many years ago.

I do have a mom worth thanking profusely. She is wonderful for a million reasons. Not the least of which can be illustrated by the following photos:


Yes, we do share an incredible obsession with our alma mater, Virginia Tech. The photo on the left features our signature “Lee Family Scarf” which mom crocheted for each of us and on the right we’re showing off our matching maroon converses at a football game. My mom is the best.

So, since it’s my 24th birthday — thank you, Mom. You’re awesome and I love you.

And I can’t leave Dad out, so thanks to you too pops! I realize there is a lot of maroon on this page thanks to one of the best traits my parents passed on to me — being a hokie, of course.

Dad called me at 11:30 this morning, because that’s when I was born. He claims he wanted to name me Venus because Venus was visible in the sky when they were driving to the hospital the morning Mom went into labor.

I’m happy they settled on Lauren.


Thanks parents!!


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  1. Do you see my tears? We love you! Happy Birthday!

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