In the Holiday Spirit

Something about today put me in the holiday spirit. Because my birthday is so close to Thanksgiving, I’ve become very adamant about not ‘skipping’ holidays. I like to first do my birthday, then do Thanksgiving, then spend a month enjoying Christmas. Some years I don’t get to spread out the joy since my birthday occasionally falls on Thanksgiving (like my 14th and 21st). Some people, like my darling coworker Devon, don’t respect Thanksgiving as much as I do and have been singing Christmas songs for weeks and peer pressuring me to do the same.

Though I feel strongly about making the celebrations of this season last as long as possible, I rarely become thebirthday diva that I was this weekend. I definitely dragged it out longer than I ever have. First, I made reservations and asked my best girlfriends and their boys to join me for dinner Friday night. We went to the Melting Pot in Arlington for fondue fun and it lived up to my hopes and dreams. Cheese melting in beer… bread and veggies to dip in the cheese … all sorts of meats including filet, duck and lobster tail … copious desserts dipped in chocolate concoctions with peanut butter and caramel… are you salivating?It was so delicious and the company couldn’t have been better.We shared a few bottles of Jessie’s favorite birthday wine and ended dinner with a toast of sparkling rose before dealing with a difficult server and heading out to dance off the gluttony.

I declared Saturday ‘Family Fun Day’ and used my birthday to convince my parents, brother and boyfriend to spend the day with me. We started off with a drive into the city to go to the Newseum. I had so much fun pointing out buildings to my brother, Dylan, and answering his questions about the city and our surroundings as best I could. I don’t think he’s been into DC since we were kids and it was a good reminder not to take it for granted (which is easy when it’s a pain to get into and out of for work every day).

I had been to the Newseum before, several times in fact, but never to enjoy it. I was so excited to go back and to share it with my favorite people — and it did not disappoint. Since the last time I went two years ago, Tim Russert’s desk and an Elvis exhibit have been added. There is also now an exhibit on covering Hurricane Katrina which was very sobering but very well designed, and I think I was close to sobbing throughout the whole thing. Mom and I commiserated a few times that the exhibits were very sad, but we surmised that it’s because most news tends to be bad news. But on the upside, the Newseum has a really sweet view of the capitol, so I took a photo op with my brother and future radical right wing politician:

After the Newseum we lifted our spirits with lunch and a few beers with my friends at a bar for the VT v. Miami game. It was a great game (we won and clinched our division!) and I think my family enjoyed seeing a little part of my outside-the-family life. It also didn’t hurt that the bar was (and is every Saturday) packed to the gills with Hokies sporting maroon and orange and cheering at the top of their lungs.

Sunday was an event in itself, not exactly a birthday celebration (more on that later) and I spent my actual birthday (Monday) the best way I know how — in sweat pants on the couch with some awesome people. Today was my final day of birthday fun, so now that I’ve celebrated my birthday as long as I could (I’m not Miley Cyrus, I don’t get a whole month), I am prepared to enjoy Thanksgiving on Thursday and begin listening to Christmas music on Friday. Even though it was incredibly warm today (in the 60s!) I was suddenly in the mood to bake pies and listen to jingle bells and go ice skating and adorn the apartment with garland and lights and red and green. That is, after I eat too much and watch football and visit family on Thanksgiving. Bring on the holidays.


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