Before Halloween I bought a giant bag of dum-dums and a plastic cauldron. I set the cauldron on my desk and bit by bit, as Halloween approached, I filled it with what seemed like a rapidly dwindling supply of lollipops for co-workers to take. When Halloween had passed and people kept stopping by to pick out their favorite dum-dums, and I kept filling the cauldron, I started to get self conscious that my Halloween candy-filled cauldron was a tad out of season and I still had a lot of candy to get rid of.

See? It’s very much a Halloween cauldron, and not so much a November cauldron. So I came up with a brilliant idea to bring it into the new season and keep it from embarrassing me while I continued to hand out dum-dums.

I put a turkey on it. Voila! It’s disguised as an official Thanksgiving cauldron full of Thanksgiving candy.

But today is December 2nd, and the dum-dum collection in my cauldron still looks like this:

And yes, there is a bundle of purple lollipops rubber-banded together because they are the worst flavors and grouping them makes it easier to pick out the slightly less worse flavors that are left (cotton candy, anyone?). Being that it’s December and Thanksgiving has come and gone, the turkey cauldron is no longer appropriate.

So it is now a snowman cauldron.

Voila! Christmas cauldron filled with Christmas candy!

Please, for the love of Christmas, take my dum-dums so I don’t have to put hearts on the cauldron in February.


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