My Best Friend

Ever since I can remember, Rebecca and I have been best friends. I don’t remember meeting her and all I can distinctly remember us doing in our first years of friendship was dancing wildly and lip synching to Ace of Base’s first CD cassette tape. Of course there were birthday parties and friendship necklaces (remember those??) and plenty of sleepovers. We lived only a few houses away from each other, so we’d often meet on “the corner” where our two streets intersect to talk, discuss the complexities of life and decide whose house to hang out at.

Though we’ve grown up together, are currently roommates and consider each other life partners (of the platonic variety), we couldn’t be more opposite. Rebecca loves pink and sparkle and is really good at dressing up — I don’t and I’m not. She’s organized and detail-oriented and I tend to fly by the seat of my pants a little more. I sit behind a desk and work on a publication all day, she plans events for a private meeting and event planning firm.

So after planning her future wedding with her for the last 18 years, when the day came that she called and told me Scott had proposed, I knew exactly what that meant. The next year will be filled with pink and sparkle, planning, parties, showers, planning, gifts, and dresses. I cried hysterically during that phone conversation, and for pretty much the rest of the night. But, thankfully, I’ve since calmed down. And it’s a good thing, because on my birthday Rebecca gave me a pretty green photo album with a giant green sparkly bow (a little of me, green, and a little of her, sparkle, she had said) and I was happy to not have any tears left. The photo album was full of some real gems

Yes, I was a squirly little kid. And yes, there are no pictures from middle school because (if you can imagine it) that was our most awkward phase. Rebecca had braces and glasses. Those were the days.

So the photo album came with a card which was very sweet and in which Rebecca asked me to be her maid of honor. “I know you will be supportive AND keep my feet on the ground,” she wrote. Because what are friends for, if not to burst your bubble every now and then? She also wrote, “I hope you say yes!” … really, Rebecca? Come on.

Fast forward to today. I am the best friend Rebecca could ask for. I am going to get mani/pedis with her this afternoon and then we’ll meet up with her fiance and a bunch of his friends who are visiting from out of town to celebrate their engagement with dinner out. Followed by a trip to a sports bar where I can post up and watch my Hokies in the ACC Championship tonight. Because she knows that just because it’s her engagement celebration doesn’t mean I can miss a football game. Good friend.

Speaking of me being an awesome friend, it’s the reason I didn’t get time to post yesterday. But I’ll elaborate on that later, because I have to go get beautiful for our day now.


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