Baby It’s Cold Outside

It’s in the twenties this morning — the coldest morning of the season so far — and I’m told I should be grateful that it’s only just now this cold. Because it could have gotten colder earlier I guess? But regardless of what month we’re currently in — honestly, I’m having a hard time remembering it’s already December — cold is cold to me.

And when it’s so cold that I wear tights under my pants, two shirts and a sweater, Ugg boots, hat, scarf, and gloves (and I’m still cold) the only thing I’m grateful for is that work is a 10 minute walk from the metro and not any longer.

(Alright, I’m also grateful to have a job to bundle up and walk to, and a warm home to thaw my frozen self at the end of the day.)

And for a moment this morning when I heard Al Roker talking about how cold it is, I was grateful to be headed to California on Friday. That is, until he elaborated that the whole country is experiencing a cold snap. Can’t this icicle catch a break?

I hesitantly checked the 10-day forecast for San Francisco as soon as my fingers thawed on the metro this morning and it’s not all bad news. Yes, it is in the forties there right now, but I saw mid-sixties in the near future so hallelujah. This icicle will catch a break after all.

But today, in real life, in D.C., it is 29 degrees outside, but feels like 17. That’s probably due to the 25mph wind that I had to bend to a 90-degree angle just walk into, so that I would actually move forward. Standing up straight, the wind completely stopped me. The wind also made my eyes bloodshot and watery and my whole face pink, which of course is a charming look for work.

Side note — does anyone else feel like fewer people fit on the metro this time of year? You know, since we’re all roughly twice our normal size and wearing innumerable articles of clothing?


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