For My Not-So-Little Brother

My little younger brother turns 19 today. I can’t call him “little” anymore because a) he’s 19 and b) he’s a giant. So instead I refer to Dylan as “Number 2,” since I’m the number 1 child (only in age, of course…) or “the boy” which he’s commonly called in our house. We are very specific people.

Dylan is a freshman at Virginia Tech, carrying on the Lee family legacy and hopefully doing us proud. He lives in the same residence hall that Rebecca and I lived in freshman year, and that mom lived in her freshman year. So touching. I visited him in October and it was a total blast from the past to walk into West AJ after so many years (it’s been six since we moved into 7013 West AJ in August of 2004!). I suddenly felt like it had been ages since I was in school and that college had passed me by in a whirlwind.

If I can encourage Dylan to do nothing else, I want him to enjoy and savor every moment of staying up late studying, sleeping in with a headache, spending all day Saturday (in the Fall) consumed with football games and all day Sunday recovering, meeting up with friends for lunch, impromptu frisbee-ing on any free grass, and all the shenanigans that are bound to happen along the way.

I think I just miss college. A lot.

But I’m not the bad influence type of sister, so I of course encourage Dylan to keep his head on straight and do the things it took me until junior year to figure out: Starting a paper the night before it’s due is just asking for extra stress (not that it will stop you from procrastinating), going to class is often worth more than just a grade (e.g., Dr. Robertson’s civil war history class), your friends won’t always be living just a short walk away (one day, you’ll have to drive to see them), and you will miss the Owens blue plate special perhaps more than anything.

My brother doesn’t really need me to tell him all these things, he’s a very intelligent young man. He’s already signed up to take the civil war history class that both dad and I took from the same professor. The boy’s got a lot going for him.

He’s also handsome. See?

Busch Gardens in the summer of 2007

Virginia Tech Homecoming football game Fall 2007

My college graduation, May 2008

Out at Hokie House after my college graduation, May 2008

Christmas tree shopping with the parents, I think this was 2008

Dancing at a cousin’s wedding, May 2009

And most recently, fishing in Nags Head, NC, summer 2010

My left hand is pushing his arm away because he was wielding a fishing knife. It was dangerous and did not belong in the picture. My frizzy beach hair didn’t really belong in the picture either, but oh well. At least I don’t have any baby photos at my disposal right now, or this post would be a million times more embarrassing. For both of us.

I love you, Dylan, and I hope you have the happiest of birthdays! I also hope your next three birthdays aren’t ruined by finals like this one could be … birthday party at the library!


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  1. Very nice Number 1. Happy Birthday Number 2 (Number 1 Boy!) 🙂

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