Christmas in San Francisco

Being away from home and friends and loved ones (and pets) the week before Christmas could have been really daunting to me. This is the one time of year that it feels cozy and heartwarming to invite friends over to sit on the couch in sweatpants drinking hot chocolate or red wine and watching a Christmas movie (or the Christmas episode of Glee) with the tree lit up and a holiday scented candle burning. That is my happy place right now.

But I am in San Francisco, where it is muggy and humid and chilly all at the same time. And I only hear rumors of snow from those that left the East Coast last. And I am working rather than wrapping Christmas presents. This is not a complaint, don’t get me wrong. It’s only Sunday, and I have several much longer days ahead this week. And this city is continually reminding me that it really is Christmastime.

When I returned from dinner with my editors tonight, as I sat down and the day’s fatigue hit me all of a sudden, my ears perked to the sound of swinging Christmas songs. I ran over to the window and looked out, thinking that the music could not be coming from the room next door. There was a small marching band in the street, meandering through traffic and playing some Christmas standards. I watched until the band moved completely out of my sight, even though the view wasn’t great from my 28th floor window in the first place. I’ve since returned to my lounging spot on the bed and have heard the band come around again twice. It’s keeping my holiday spirits up.

Also defending my holiday spirit is the decked out Union Square which houses an ice skating rink and a giant Christmas tree just a block or so from my hotel. Every hotel entrance and street-facing window is bedecked in lights and adorned with immaculately styled Christmas trees. There are oversized evergreen wreaths with ribbon and ornaments hung through out my hotel’s lobbies. And the Macy’s window display is featuring kittens and puppies (yes, live ones) in various Santa’s-helper-style houses.

San Francisco is working hard to remind me that even though I’m working quite a bit this week, it is the week before Christmas. I really appreciate the reminder.



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