The Time of My … Year

2010 was a fun year. I’ll be reflecting more on the year gone by and the one to come as the day –and night — goes on, but it seemed an appropriate time to look back on the year through the pictures that I took. Surprisingly, I didn’t feel like I had a whole lot of pictures to choose from. Very strange indeed. New Year’s resolution #1: take more pictures!

The video is chronological and hits some highlights like:

  • Snowpocalypse in Manassas
  • A trip to Phoenix with Mom
  • Dylan’s prom and high school graduation
  • Three beach trips
  • A New York visit
  • Jessie’s 25th birthday
  • Hokie football at FedEx Field
  • Punkin Chunkin in Delaware
  • Turkey Festivus #2 and the mess it left in its wake
  • A trip to San Francisco for work

I’d like to thank in advance those friends of mine who are featured — I appreciate your understanding and sense of humor. And I’m grateful to the Black Eyed Peas for remixing one of the best year-end (or end of anything) songs of all time.

I think (read: cross my fingers) that it looks better if you view it on YouTube. I swear it’s not that poor quality.

2010 was a good time.

Here’s to more fun, beach, dancing, food, and football in 2011.


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  1. Amazing! Eric watching Emily do the robot was my favorite.

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