Feeling My Age

Here are just a few reasons why I’m feeling my age lately:

The onslaught of friends’ 25th birthdays has begun. We celebrated two this week, Rebecca’s is next week and Hugh’s is coming up in February. So many people to celebrate! Since I’m feeling so old, all the pictures from Jason & Jimmy’s 25th birthday happy hour get to be black & white. Also, the first two turned out blurry, because the bar staff kept walking in front of me.

The office holiday party is tonight and it’s looking like it will be the highlight of my weekend. How suburban commuter can I get at 24?? Honestly though I think my excitement is a testament to the people I work with, it should be fun because of them. See how sweet they are?

Last night I went with some coworkers to happy hour down the street from the office. After two beers, I went home, ate some dinner, put on a movie and fell asleep. All before 10 p.m.

My brother. My brother is making me feel old. A few weeks ago he and some friends were headed into the city for a show at the 930 Club. Naturally, I gave Dylan detailed directions of how to get there via metro along with an extra fare card I had lying around. I felt my hair turning gray as I got nervous about Dylan and his friends wandering through DC and lectured him on talking to strangers and underage drinking. Needless to say, he made it there and back just fine.

Engagements. Everyone’s getting engaged. It is the wedding season of my life and I just didn’t think I was old enough for that yet.

My friends show up to my apartment wearing matching sweatshirts. Jessie & Troy, you’ve been exposed.


Posted on January 8, 2011, in 25, Celebrations, Friends. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Not Fair! When else are we supposed to wear our 2011 Orange Bowl Sweatshirts?

    • I love it! Jessie – that was my favorite part of the post!! (I don’t think Papa Lee and I have matching sweatshirts, though…LOL!)

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