Productivity, Finally

I meant to have my room picked up, the whole apartment clean from top to bottom, my laundry done, everything just a little more … organized, for the start of the new year. Well, that didn’t happen until today, finally. I spent yesterday doing my first loads of laundry since before Christmas and picking up my room. Today when I got home from work I attacked the Christmas decorations.

Yes, my Christmas decorations were still up today. On January 11th. But now they’re all organized and put away for the year, and all the fake tree needles are vacuumed, and the cats are confused.

I’m not putting this guy away, though:

He’s still in season until winter or basketball season is over, whichever comes first.

Today was also Rebecca’s 25th birthday. Big day! We’re celebrating together Friday night, but today I ambushed her with my new favorite toy (flip video!) when she got home from work.



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  1. LOL!!! Love the video interview!!! (Rebecca – NJ won’t be so bad – as long as you love who you are living there with; i.e., the boy and the 1.5 kids! :))

  2. Oh my goodness I love her! This is so cute Lauren. But we cannot let her go to Jersey. Too far away.

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