The Gift That Keeps on Giving

And I happened to give it to myself. After Christmas.

New Year’s weekend, after recovering from New Year’s Eve festivities and Lee Family Seafood Fest, I decided to finally make a purchase I’d been mulling over for a while. I went in search of a new TV. It was much harder than I imagined. There were so many measurements and acronyms that were supposedly telling me why one TV or one brand was better than the other. I eventually settled on a bigger TV than I ever planned to own, but the price was just so good (or so my research and limited newfound expertise told me).

As soon as I upgraded our cable service to high definition and then attempted a few Super Mario Bros. levels I understood why everyone has nice televisions these days. Mario has never looked so intense. I am thoroughly enjoying my post-Christmas gift to myself.


Posted on January 15, 2011, in Celebrations. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. Oh I love playing Mario, it never grows old and makes me feel young again 😉 it also lessens the crisis of being 25 😉

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