The Art of Embarrassing Your Brother

To embarrass a younger sibling is built into the genetic code of older siblings. Often my mere existence in the same vicinity as my brother has been enough to embarrass him. Today I found out that I can embarrass him on campus while he’s busy being a cool college kid, from 250 miles away.

Dylan called me to inform me that he saw me today. How is this possible, I asked. He explained that he and a friend were hanging out in his room, flipping through TV channels, when he saw something that made him double take. He flipped back slowly. And said

“That’s my sister!”

By this point of his story I already knew what he was going to tell me, so I was laughing hysterically in the middle of a crowded metro car. Yes, Dylan saw me on television — on the student-run channel, in a commercial I made was conned into making in the Summer or Fall of 2007. At least I think so, it was over three years ago now so we can’t really trust my memory.

All that said, this could be embarrassing to me too. But it was so long ago, and I have very little shame (even though I blush easily), so I’m sharing the commercial.

Enjoy the masterpiece here.

Yes, I was am a yearbook nerd. Yes, I was far more enthusiastic about it than the video implies. And yes, my eyes really can open all the way. Oh, the joys of being immortalized in the eternal loop of old commercials on VTTV.



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  1. “even the toughest days in the office are infinitely more enjoyable because of the people I work with”

    awwwwww THANKS!

    …that better still be true

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