The Bet

We may look like we’re on the same team,

but Hugh and I bet against each other a lot. Usually during sporting events that we want to watch but have no real vested interest in. Which is basically anything but Virginia Tech athletics, Orioles baseball and occasionally Redskins football (I’ve fallen off the bandwagon lately).

While watching the conference championship games Sunday afternoon, January 23, 2011, we shook on The Bet to end all bets.

I bet Hugh that the Washington Redskins will make it to the Super Bowl before the Baltimore Orioles make it to the World Series.

The stakes: A multi-day trip to a destination of the winner’s choosing.

It could be decades before the winner of this bet is determined, but I’m very happy to have a renewed stake in Redskins football. I will win this bet.



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  1. Cool! (but good luck with that bet!?)

  2. oh – and Nice Picture!

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