But It Is Green

My Grandma Jean — my dad’s mom — knows I like to cook. I think the first thing I ever liked to cook, if you can call it that, was potato salad. There is not much in the world that I love more than Grandma Jean’s potato salad. Hers is my standard, and even though I like the result when I make it, no potato salad ever measures up to Grandma Jean’s. Not even my mom’s and my mom is a great cook. There’s just something about Grandma Jean’s cooking.

That doesn’t mean I can’t try to cook other foods well, and Lord knows — and so does Grandma Jean — that I try. So when I was catching up with her on the phone last night, I wasn’t surprised that dinner was a topic of conversation.

Grandma: “What are you fixin’ for dinner tonight? Or did you have a big lunch? I bet you’re cookin’, huh, whatchah fixin’ for dinner?”

Lauren: “Well I have some leftover tilapia filets from last night and I’ll probably fix some greens.”

Grandma: “Oh! A healthy dinner, huh, that’s good. Tryin’ to eat healthy?”

Lauren: “Yeah creamed spinach, you know, once you add the butter and all it’s not so healthy anymore. But it is green.”

I just love her and her theory that anything classified as “green” and a “vegetable” is healthy, no matter how you fix it up.

Yes, it may look like a well-balanced meal with a light protein, a green and some pasta. But those greens involved a package of frozen spinach, a stick of butter and probably close to two cups of milk. Two big cloves of garlic. And a dash of salt. So good, even when mixed with some plain orzo, just because it wandered away from its section of the plate. One thing is for sure, those greens were not healthy. But the tilapia was. So the meal was, right?

So yes, Grandma, I did cook a healthy dinner.

And tonight these guys are on the menu as pizza toppings.


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