A Weekend Full of Friend Love

Saturday was a big day.

On Saturday, my best friend went shopping for her wedding dress. Her mom, sister, friend-and-bridesmaid, and I came along for support. I thought it was going to be much more painful than it was. The truth is, Rebecca is a beautiful girl and looked great in every single dress she put on. I know shopping for my dress, whenever that time comes, won’t be so painless.

I had a feeling going into the day that it wouldn’t be the only time we drive out to some bridal salon in the middle of nowhere so she could try on a bunch of dresses, until she found the perfect one. To everyone’s surprise, she found the perfect one and I can’t wait to share — after she walks down the aisle and we aren’t keeping it a secret anymore — the video I got of her walking out in it the second time, confirming with tears and approval from mom, that it was her wedding dress.

Major life moments, I tell ya. It actually made me tear up, unexpectedly. I thought watching so much Say Yes to the Dress would have desensitized me.

Want to know what her dress looks like? I snapped a million pictures that I also have to keep closely guarded until October 16, but I snuck this one onto the interwebs:

It’s beautiful, isn’t it?!

After the excitement of picking the dress and getting measured up, down, left, right, diagonally and around and around, we wandered over to the bridesmaid section where Miss Bride-to-Be sent her sister and me reluctantly into dressing rooms with a few options for bridesmaid dresses. There is no photo evidence, thank goodness.

We spent much longer than the originally planned two hours in the salon in the middle of nowhere Maryland, but I still made it out to Manassas for dinner with my parents in honor of the world’s best dad’s birthday. We feasted on oysters and Abita at Okra’s, my parents’ new empty-nester Friday night stomping grounds.

The friend love continued yesterday with a little Super Bowl get together featuring delicious Korean fried chicken (yes, KFC) from BonChon, homemade barbecue and dips galore. I did something really strange for this eating-and-drinking-fest — rather than cooking or baking anything, I cut up fresh veggies to add to the snack table. I felt a little weird about it, but I think it was a good decision given the mass of carbs, fried stuff, and cheese products we already had.

I also took pictures and practiced my indoor, ugly-lit room aperture and ISO settings.

Tuttle got a tad excited for a Redskins fan.

The star of this one is the table and all of the goodness adorning it.

These guys…

I wish we had an excuse to do this every Sunday.


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