What Are the Signs of Adult ADD?

I’ve been caught in a vicious cycle lately that’s effecting my casual reading pretty negatively. After laboring over it for weeks, I finally finished Toni Morrison’s Beloved yesterday morning. The strange part about it is that I loved the book, right from the time I got to about page 10 and realized that it’s okay to not understand it instantly. Yet, it took me the past three days just to get through the last 15 pages.

I partly blame myself for only reading on the metro, and I partly blame the metro for often making it impossible for me to read. If it’s not the stop-go-stop-go causing motion sickness, it’s a driver who really enjoys hearing himself shout over the intercom.

Plus, Beloved is a dense read and I think I’m easily distracted. I even got distracted from sleeping last night. I usually fall asleep with the TV on — because ever since living in the dorms, sleeping in silence doesn’t seem normal — and it’s usually the Disney channel, so I don’t run any risk of accidentally hearing a trailer for a scary movie.

But last night the History Channel caught my ear as I was flipping up to Disney, and before I knew it I’d gotten distracted from falling asleep by the distilleries episode of Modern Marvels. I now, finally, know the difference between Kentucky Bourbon and Tennessee whiskey and find the process of making whiskey very interesting. A visit to the Jack and/or Jim distillery may be in my future.

To keep the vicious cycle cycling, the History channel’s delay in my sleep left me too groggy to read on the metro this morning, which was particularly hampering because I’m trying to read Wuthering Heights for the eighth time in my life. That is no exaggeration. I’ve started this book so many times and have rarely pushed past the first fifty pages. It’s shameful, really, since I’ve had it since 11th grade. Every time I pick it up, I fail to read it and move on to a different book which I inevitably love more.

I’m beginning to wonder if I have adult ADD.

Must go google adult ADD.


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