The Year of Many Valentines

How lucky am I to have so many valentines on Valentine’s Day this year.

The first was my wonderful Mom who gave me my Valentine’s goodie bag last weekend. Since it tempted me all week, I wasted no time digging into it today, and I’m glad I did. I’m having my morning coffee in one of her gifts:

She also gave me a new fuzzy fleece jacket which is just perfect for today’s debut of 60-degree weather. Hello spring, I’m perfectly happy to hang up the coat and scarf this week. And thanks, Mom!

Then I was greeted at work by the party planning committee with this beautiful valentine:

The best part about it is the message on the back.

I wish I could feel special, but the whole department got one. My gift in return is a collection of treats I spent yesterday afternoon making.

They’re strawberry cake balls coated in dark chocolate, and they are the truth. They are festive inside and out, with sprinkles on top and pink cake inside. Some are adorned with little hearts, some with tie-dyed butterflies, and some with just pink and/or purple sugar.

I just can’t get enough. I will be shredding with Jillian this evening.

I also made cheesecake bites, which are pretty much the same idea but with cheesecake inside and milk chocolate outside. Since they’re not pink, they don’t get pictures. But they are also delicious.

The celebration will continue tonight with a candlelit dinner of homemade pizza — and I’m just guessing here, but there will probably be wine — with my longest-running valentine, Rebecca. Sounds like a pretty romantic Valentine’s evening, right?

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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