A Pretty Nice Little Saturday

For Frank the Tank, a pretty nice little Saturday includes a trip to Home Depot, maybe Bed Bath and Beyond if there’s time.

For me, this past Saturday was pretty nice. It started on this note at about 7:30 a.m.

Don’t worry, it’s not what you think. But I’ll explain that later.

Moving on.

By 9 a.m. Rebecca and I were headed out the door to meet up with my parents and members of the VT alumni association for a group tour of the capitol building. There’s nothing like touristing about the city on a surprisingly warm, though a smidge too windy, day in February. I had never seen the Capitol Visitors Center or the inside of the capitol building so my camera and I were very intrigued. Unfortunately, we couldn’t go many places inside the capitol, but I did get to see the General’s statue in the crypt and take a picture with Dad and me flanking him. I also took a million other pictures, mostly of the statues because the building is far too breathtaking for me to pretend like I could capture any of it in a camera.

The Supreme Court chambers from 1810 to 1860.

The center of the city, the point from which the NW, SW, SE and NE quadrants are divided.

The wreath and shield held by the replica of “Freedom,” the statue that sits on top of the Capitol dome.

After the tour and wandering through the visitors center exhibits, we ventured into the Library of Congress through the underground tunnel. A few more breathtaking sights and an overlook of the main reading room later, Rebecca and I left the parents in our dust because we were starving. And I had this badboy to get back to.

It was much less raw and much more appetizing by the time we rushed in the door around 2 p.m. in an eager hunt for food and afternoon naps. The smell of this roasting pork shoulder and the one in the neighboring crockpot had snuck through the entire building and it took the utmost self-control for us to eat leftovers rather than dig in. But that story, and its pictures, I’m saving for another day.


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