Can a 25-Year-Old’s Birthday Party Be Superhero-Themed?

The answer is yes.

This weekend I threw a birthday party with a theme any five-year-old would enjoy — for a boy who turned 25. For years I’ve been eager to try a murder mystery dinner party, regardless of the bullying the idea takes in prime time TV (I’m looking at you Michael Scott). Hugh so graciously allowed me to throw him one in honor of his birthday and entrance into the mid-twenties, and when I stumbled across one with a super hero theme, I knew it was meant to be.

We each got to dress up like a super hero, pretend that we were all convening to discuss the capture of the world’s biggest villain, Da Bomb, and — gasp! — solve a murder. Oh yes, and we ate 10 pounds of pulled pork barbecue which spent all day Saturday cooking and filling our apartment with the most wonderful aroma my nose has ever encountered. Though it was tough to gauge because I already knew the plot so well (I rewrote most of it and most of its characters after buying a kit), I think everyone picked up on the clues quickly and enjoyed figuring it out.

Jesse B Wells was Nerdon, who had the power of boundless intelligence and was, sadly, the victim. Unfortunately you can’t see her cup, but Monika was Poison Icee and drank from an Icee cup all night. Genius.

Scott, The Charismatist, and Hugh, The Red Wonder, got along because of their mutual love of rap music.

As Electra, Babs had the power of electricity which you can clearly see from the lightning bolts all over her costume. And Sylvie was Ms. Dash, the superhero with two powers — incredible speed and stunning humor.

Rebecca’s character Lolly Sparkles had never met The Charismatist before and didn’t really see why everyone thought he was so great. They both confessed in the final round that they may have a mutual crush.

The Charismatist was a very self-involved superhero who thought he was nothing short of perfect and never left home without his handheld mirror.

Even though I had no part in the mystery except to make sure it ran smoothly, I dressed up like a superhero too. Jetta Thundersnow (a name created by the ever-clever Rochelle) could control the weather and had recently been dropping thundersnow across the country in anger. Yes, she was inspired by Storm from X-Men. Hey, I got to wear a cape and that’s all I really cared about.

I’m a little upset Hugh’s full costume didn’t make it into this picture. As The Red Wonder, famous rap artist by day and superhero by night, he wore a spinner on a chain (thanks to Devon) and construction boots with saggy jeans and a hoodie. Oh, and a child’s devil costume as a cape. Perfection.

Shockingly, I hardly took any pictures and I’m pretty ashamed about it. I’m crossing my fingers that everyone else’s pictures surface on facebook sometime soon. And that they’re no more embarrassing than the ones I posted.


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  1. Hey, I’m 41 and I still make the weekly trek to the comic book store!
    Only now, I take my 12-year-old with me.

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