A Surprise and a Clean Slate

Back in November, after driving to Delaware for Punkin Chunkin, somewhere between jamming to tunes in the car and lugging our stuff into the house, my iPod decided to stop working.

I could tell the little guy was trying to turn on, but his screen just went from solid black to solid blue and back again. It was a very sad moment, especially since he was under two years old.

Well that was back in November.

I can’t remember why, but Hugh decided to diagnose and fix the problem with my beautiful black 160GB (40,000 songs!) iPod classic. He figured out that it was something to do with the screen, bought a new one and opened that sucker up.

And now it looks like this:

During resuscitation efforts, my darling iPod took a turn for the worse and did not make it out of the operating room. And there it’s been sitting for months, reminding me every time I see it of the hole in my life where too-loud music in my ears used to be.

On Sunday the surgeon surprised me by replacing my old, broken, open wound of an iPod with a brand new refurbished one. It’s a wonderfully clean slate which I intend to guard with my life. Or at the very least a little more attention.


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