A Toast

to nearest

to dearest

to the crew

to cahoots

to the ones who’ve been there

to the ones who’ll be there

to dropping everything

to saying anything

to no judgements

to no doubts

to loyalty

to trust

to favors

to lifelongs

to been too long

to nothing’s changed

to having history

to having your back

to moving away

to never too far

to growing up

to settling down

to your second family

to friends.

No, friends. This did not come from my heart, nor my brain for that matter. But it is a pretty good toast — I think I got goosebumps the first time I read it.

Don’t judge.

It is actually part of a Grey Goose ad campaign I’ve come across a few times; I just wish I could be as eloquent as whatever copy writer came up with it.

I may just call it my own and use it as my Maid of Honor speech at Rebecca’s wedding.

And any other wedding where I happen to speak.

And any time I make a toast to a friend’s birthday in a bar.

Or on a random Saturday night in my living room.



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