Where Did February Go?

It’s of course a shorter month than January, but I’m truly concerned with the speed at which February passed by. It didn’t help that I spent the better part of last week sick as a dog and unable to do much of anything, hardly in a position to do fabulous things and take pictures. Whatever I had — a bird or swine flu, a stomach bug, food poisoning, typhoid fever — I don’t know, but don’t get it. It’s going around and it was awful.

In any case, February started out as most months do, with an animal popping his head above ground and dictating the meteorological future of Earth. Or at least the length of winter and the arrival of spring. I can’t remember whether he saw his shadow or what it means if he did, but we’ve had some wonderfully spring days since then. Today might be verging on summer as the day started out in the mid-50s, sunny and pleasant, and has already turned dark and rainy with the threat of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes imminent. So I’m thinking this groundhog business got February off to a confusing start.

Soon after, we gals went out shopping for Rebecca’s wedding dress in the middle-of-nowhere Maryland. She spent hours playing dress-up in satin and lace, long and short, beaded and plain, dresses of all kinds. And much to my surprise (and delight) she found her wedding dress. This is not it:

We celebrated Dad’s birthday at Okra’s in Manassas that night, where I got to rehash the whole adventure to the parents while feasting on oysters and Abita. On Superbowl Sunday a bunch of kids gathered to eat barbecue, BonChon and Mexican layer dip galore and try to care about Green Bay or Pittsburgh or the Black Eyed Peas.

The next weekend my crockpot and I made barbecue for the first time. Two giant pork shoulders, five cans of beer, and two crockpots yielded about 10 pounds of some of the best pulled pork I’ve ever had. If I do say so myself…

And it was all for a superhero-style celebration of Hugh’s 25th birthday.

After spending the morning touring the Capitol with Rebecca, the parents and the VT Alumni Association.

And I spent the next day baking chocolate-covered strawberry cake balls and cheesecake balls for Valentine’s Day office treats.

The following weekend we celebrated Miriam’s birthday by mini-golfing. Indoors. In a bar!

It’s a tad gimmicky, but H St. Country Club was definitely a good Saturday-night choice for something a little different to do.

Despite Tim’s disgruntled-old-man face, and Babs’ slight concern with the situation, a good time was had by all.

And because Mom complains that I take too many pictures and don’t show up in enough, I asked someone to take a picture of Hugh and me to prove that I, too, was at H St. Country Club.

Oh well. Maybe we look better blurry anyway? And since when has Hugh been so much larger than me? I didn’t think I was that stumpy…

Moving on.

I trekked to the parents’ house the next morning and then on to the grandparents‘ for Sunday lunch, good company, and story-telling. And I got to spend time with this little squirt who will be one in a few weeks:

Her great-grandma let her play on the stairs during lunch. Lucky girl.

And then I got more sick than I’ve been in recent memory, called my mom to ask her why I ever moved out when situations like this would be much better with a mom around, spent several days horizontal, went back to work, barely survived commuting home Friday night, then had a lovely, relaxing weekend with friends.

Oh yeah, and the Hokies beat #1 Duke on Saturday night!!

So I guess February was productive, after all.

Go Hokies!


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  1. I have never said you take too many pictures – there can never be too many pictures…but I have lamented that there are rarely any pictures of you…so thanks for the pic! …and remember to pass that camera to your friends once in awhile 🙂

  2. Hahaha that was definitely my epic fail attempt at using your sweet, expensive camera just as I would use my dinky, cheap point-and-shoot. You and Hugh still look cute blurry though! 🙂 Goodbye February, Hellooo March!

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