A Cause for Celebration

It’s National Grammar Day!

Who wants to join me tonight for a sentence-diagramming party?

Any takers?

No one?


This has been, probably, the best National Grammar Day I’ve ever had. After last night’s trip to the Apple store to get a second opinion on my beloved laptop’s failure (she was booting to a black screen) I was excited but cautious. The most helpful Apple Genius I’ve ever spoken to explained that it was the exact problem Hugh had diagnosed Monday night (while I was being useless and crying over spilled milk… er, fried graphics card). He told me that he could fix it in house, that it would normally cost close to $1,000, that it would be free, and that he could do it by Saturday morning.


Saturday morning is so much sooner than 6-8 weeks from now. I rejoiced. I thanked the gentleman profusely, and I left Norma in his care. Skipping the few blocks back to the metro, I inundated Dad with this exciting news on the phone because otherwise I would have stopped and told a complete stranger. When Rebecca got home I shouted a few “YAY!”s at her and made her hug me. I overflow with joy at the thought of my girl getting cared for and healed during her in-patient stay.

I slept much better last night, knowing she was on the mend.

This morning the miracle-working Apple Genius called and left the message that would come to be known as the best National Grammar Day news ever. He had already fixed my computer, and I could pick it up anytime. I YAY-ed at my computer, my co-workers, some friends via text, and my 10 followers on Twitter.

But today’s celebration isn’t just about my reunion with a working laptop. There was a birthday in the office today…


The newly formed Birthday Committee (our boss loves birthdays) got her flowers and gathered everyone to wish her a big Happy Birthday. I was a really sneaky inside man and distracted her so she wouldn’t run from her desk. Maybe some day I’ll get her to tell me what life was like when she was 25.

And, since I had my camera out at work…

Elizabeth mocked my chair’s height and my general stature.

I showed off my beautiful mouse pad. It was a birthday gift the year I started this job.

Devon illustrated how proud she is of her star for winning trivia in February. Yes, we hold a trivia contest every month.

That picture is a contender for the best I’ve ever taken.

Happy Friday from the office!


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  1. unattractive.

  2. Loved knowing about Grammar Day! Wish I had known! All the pix are wonderful.

  3. My mom really wanted to leave a comment. And this blog post is acting as the training wheels.

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