A Post Per Day, Every Day

Lately I’ve been trying to write a blog post every day. It has actually been my goal since I started this blog to post daily, not only to document this year (which is the whole point) but also to force myself to flex my writing muscles and creative juices regularly. I was stumped this morning about what I would write today, since I’m suffering an especially bad mid-week slump in brain power. I figured I’d throw in the towel today and come back tomorrow with fresh new ideas, beautifully written.

Then I read today’s Daily Post and my blogging brain was momentarily rejuvenated. At the very least, I thought to myself, I can find some photos I haven’t posted yet that I could share today.

The photos I found reminded me of the commitment I’m making this Lenten season: to give up complaining about work. A lot of us, no matter how much we love our jobs, spend a good amount of time complaining about work. This thing went wrong today, that person said something snippy to me, my to-do list is longer than the next person’s, someone moved my cheese. The grievances could go on forever.

On the better side of the quarter-life-crisis breakdown I had recently, I realized that while I may not have figured out yet what my dream job would be, I could not be more grateful to have a job. It took paying attention to unemployment reports and remembering how hard I worked to get a full-time job after college to realize that I should just step back and be grateful.

Grateful that I have income that allows me to plan for the future and sustain a comfortable lifestyle in the present.

Grateful that I can openly admit to having watched the space shuttle Discovery land this morning and know that at least half of my colleagues did the same, because the company was excited about it.

Grateful that I have a hand in planning volunteering opportunities and fundraisers for the company to give back to our community.

Grateful that I can lunch with and compete in daily trivia against some truly wonderful people. Like her:


And her:

I hope to be wildly successful in both my efforts to cut out the complaining and to blog daily. I invite you to join me — in the complaining effort if you don’t have a blog, in both if you do! I’ll be certain keep you informed of my progress.


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  1. Devon and I look amazing. Hands down the hottest chicks in the office! Thanks for joining me this Lent. We’ll help each other. It won’t be easy….

  2. hottest chicks in the office, Rochelle? pshh.

  3. The best of luck to you.

  4. Good Luck! You seems working in a fun environment; helmet? sitting on the floor?(i want that green polkadot shawl)

    I love your quote about HOPE down there btw

  5. ah! what a wonderful idea and thanks for blogging about it

    i think you can do it too! i’ll stay tuned 🙂

  6. Saw you on Freshly Pressed and am now following along. Hoping to join you in your efforts to cut out the complaining.

  7. I know what you mean about complaining about work. I am also feeling particularly grateful that my car and my house aren´t floating away like the people in Japan. Its days like today when you look at the news that you really take a step back and think, “yeah I´m lucky, I should stop complaining about the little things.”

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