Is There Anything You Couldn’t Do?

Growing up, my parents (the world’s best) made it clear that there is nothing you can’t do. Something may be difficult, inconvenient or exhausting, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Mom often reminds me of how hard she worked at multiple jobs to get through college, while maintaining great grades. Dad had to walk uphill both ways (with no feet!) to get to school, but he did it. Well, that may be an exaggeration.

But the point is that, when I’m thinking about being grateful for my job, I often feel grateful to have a job that I can do. There are a million jobs out there that I could do (because I could do anything) but it would be a struggle. For example:

Dental Hygenist, Shampoo Assistant, or Nurse

Being in other people’s personal space for a living would take some toughening up. While I used to think it would be awesome to be a dentist — inspired by my own mandibular ups and downs — I’ve come to realize that I may just not have the stomach for digging around in strangers’ mouths. The idea that my parents used to deal with Dylan and me wiggling, pulling and yanking out our teeth makes my skin crawl. I admire nurses who are fine with finding veins and poking them with needles, but my skin crawls again. A shampoo assistant is probably the most feasible in this list for me, but I’d still rather not scratch scalps other than my own.


Having my own pet that I love, I can’t understand how people are able to do things to animals like take their temperature, hold them forcefully to clip their nails or — I hate to even say this — put them down. I think my heart would be broken every day.


Excel spreadsheets? Numbers? Formulas? Rules and regulations? 90-hour work weeks? I’m sure I could learn the very basics necessary to be an accountant, but the four-part CPA exam would probably take me years and many, many attempts to pass. I admire those of you who have framed CPA licenses hanging on your walls. I admire you and I do not envy you. And I thank you for being so financially intelligent.

Truck Driver

I love driving, and I even love driving large vehicles. But I don’t think I would last months on the road. Well, maybe with a good passenger? And maybe if my truck was full of grilled cheeses and chocolate?


While I respect what Elle Woods did for blondes everywhere, and I happen to be a Reese Witherspoon fan, and I can enjoy a good argument here and there, I couldn’t see myself arguing when someone’s livelihood is at stake. And defense attorneys? No way I’d be able to defend someone I knew was guilty — even if all they did was flick someone on the forehead.

Picturing myself in jobs that I would not enjoy has helped my Lenten commitment to stop complaining. (Yes I realize it’s only day 2). I can imagine how much complaining I’d want to do if I flossed 56 dirty sets of teeth every day and it’s not a pretty thought. It also brings much needed perspective to this formative era of twentysomethinghood in which career development is a constant hot topic and often an open-ended question.

What are some jobs you couldn’t or wouldn’t want to do?


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  1. editor/writer. i’ll leave that to you.

    • ehm jobs i couldn’t do, perhaps there are many, and perhaps there are far fewer than my parents think there are. I don’t think I have the worlds best parents. they try really hard, but in the end they pity me more than they love me.
      because ive got aspergers they think I can’t do anything that involves people. But anything that doesn’t involve people is bound to be boring. so right now i want to go to a masters program in ‘science and business’, after finding out the hard way that mathematics isn’t for me. they think I should do informatics instead and seek to bribe me by saying they’ll pay for it, but i’ve already spend two weeks at a software department and I know it’s really boring work.
      so I guess I am screwed.

      • You aren’t screwed at all :). Do what you believe will make you happiest. There are far too many people in roles that make them miserable, pay well, but leave them miserable.

        It is my opinion that you will get far more satisfaction from a job that makes you happy – than one that allows you to buy many things.

        Be true to yourself ;).

    • Well somehow I have managed to convince myself that I can make a career by becoming a 21st Century Goddess.

      So far I have to say you seem to be dealing with your quart-life crisis alot better than me.If you fancy looking at a poor man’s version check out my blog Tag line – One girl’s (me) mission to do the impossible!


  2. anything you can do I can do better. I can do anything better than you.

    and I can sing.


    love you.

  3. Nanny/Babysit/Pediatrician.

    No kids.

  4. I couldn’t be a farmer. I’m not the biggest fan of animals, chores, or the outdoors; fittingly, they also aren’t big fans of me.

  5. Stay-at-home mom, mom of multiple kids, bus driver, nun (say it with me now “duh”!), any profession in the medical field

  6. I can completely understand this blog entry. I feel like I can do so many things too, but then I add some reality into the mix and try to stick to what I love. Kudos!

  7. Everybody was expecting me to take over my father’s job. No thanks!

  8. Happy being freshly pressed day! My toddler has taught me that anything that has to do with raw sewage would be a line of work completely out of the question for me. Hats off.

  9. I’ve worked in the printing industry ever since I got out of high school. It wasn’t until recently that I set out on my dream to be a writer and tell stories. That dream has become a reality. I have four self-published works out and more to come. Now, it may not pay the bills, but I’m doing something that would have been daunting in the past.

    • I love how there are numerous accounts of people like you, B.C., who have decided to pursue their dreams (after initially forgoing them for whatever reason). I think the number of people willing to push through whatever’s preventing them from their desires are growing. Thanks for sharing!

      With Love and Gratitude,


  10. Couldn’t be a podiatrist. Toe cheese makes me crazy! Ewww…


  11. Couldn’t be a podiatrist. Toe cheese makes me crazy! Ewww…


  12. I was a Bill Collector (surprisingly good at it),a Nanny, a Bartender, Worked in Retail (not my forte), A Customer Service Rep (not nearly as good at as the bill collecting)…
    I wouldn’t be able to handle the CPA thing either…math not my strong suit. Wouldn’t want to be a nail tech. the thought of giving pedicures gives me the shivers (although I do enjoy receiving a pedicure
    My current job is an Assistant Manager at a gym…I LOVE it
    Congrat on your FP….loved you post.

  13. 1. Manicurist: Peoples nails gross me out. Seriously. I am shuddering just thinking about it.

    2.Anything requiring foreign languages: After 7 years studying foreign languages (5yrs French, 1 Latin, 1 Spanish), I can write and read decently. However, I absolutely cannot speak or understand when others talk in another language. 😦 There go my dreams of trying to be a world traveler that flies under the radar.

  14. I probably could never work in housekeeping at a hotel. I cringe to think of what sorts of things people leave behind knowing others will clean up. *Gag*

  15. Sales, I cannot do sales at all and have no desire to do it.

  16. Ever seen Dirty Jobs? Pretty much anything on that show.

  17. I personally would hate being the doctor performing Colonoscopies. Ick!

    • That’s so funny, sparklyskirtgirl – my brother does that for a living and I think the same thing!

      As a lawyer, my comment would be that you might find that you CAN argue if you’re trying to protect someone’s livelihood. But I agree that it would be difficult to defend someone or a company you know who’s guilty – haven’t put myself in that position yet 🙂

  18. Nurse. Janitor. Garbage man. The job I actually have now as a database analyst.

  19. I met a waitress the other day who had been studying to be a vet but who found out she had an allergy to cats so she’s becoming a primary school teacher instead

  20. I’m with you on nurse – I really have to steel myself before I have blood taken.

  21. I couldn’t pick up the garbage. Garbage that’s been sitting around awhile, stinks and makes me sick.

  22. Where to begin?

    I agree with you that I couldn’t ever enjoy working as a lawyer… shame, then, it took me three years of lawschool and lots of student debt to realise this! ;0)

    Great post and congratulations on being ‘Freshly Pressed’.

    Sarah x

  23. Homeless person. Couldn’t do that. I wouldn’t last a day.

  24. I love your perspective on things. I am thankful I get to do a job I love…

  25. As an already subscribed reader, congrats on being FP’d!!

  26. I concur with your last statement about lenten commitment … As a fellow twentysomething I feel the same about complaining – needs to stop lol

  27. This post *partially* inspired my latest.
    I say partially because I’m still at that point in life when I think believe I can do anything that I want to do. 🙂

  28. I completely agree with you on the dental hygenist!! I could never do that, people’s mouths gross me out. I also probably would be terrible at a sales job, I am so uncompetitive and passive!

  29. I don’t think I would want to be a lawyer. I know a few of them and it’s a lot, sometimes overwhelming.

  30. i couldn’t be a school janitor after experiencing a stomach flu epidemic when i was teaching kindergarten last semester. cleaning up puke? no thank you!

  31. Nuclear sludge taster. No thank you.

  32. I could never be a port a potty cleaner or a housekeeper dealing with others germs, NO THANKS. During my college years, I did a “housekeeping” job for the Minnesota Vikings Training camp. It was too much, those men were so gross. Thankfully during that time, I didn’t have my germ phobia that I have now. Could never go back to that.

  33. I would hate to do any repetitive factory work. Like assembly line stuff. That would bore me to death. And I agree with so many comments above…like colonoscopy stuff and andy gump cleanup….yuck. Could never do slaughtering animals in a factory farm….that would be unthinkable.

    • Police Officer. While I respect what they stand for, and love that they’re there for the public, I would break under the constant scrutiny. I would never be able to restrain myself as an officer should when someone spits on the uniform or calls me names. I’d probably be fired after the first day.

  34. great stuff!!! congrats on fp

  35. intrepidtraveller

    I would like to say Nanny. Except…I COULD do that and HAVE done that. It was the most awful, exhausting “slave labour” like job I have ever done it. I couldn’t and wouldn’t ever do it again!!

    Apart form that…I could never be a surgeon or work in a slaughter house…
    All. that. blood.

  36. Our blogs are similar! I’m also writing about being 25! My husband is a CPA and as much as I adore him, I’d never want his job. I’d also never want to be a school bus driver. I hear how loud they are at the end of the day and just feel so bad for the drivers that take them home. They deserve raises!

  37. let me see, I’ve been a waitress, bartender, salesperson, hairdresser, reporter, editor, columnist and freelance writer. Thank God I switched to the writing field years ago, my earlier choices were based on need rather than like.

  38. Ironically being a doctor! which I am!

    I’m just not the doctor material my parents made or still make me out to be!

  39. Anything that requires paperwork. For me, having to sign my time sheet is hassle enough.

  40. As much as I love people, I could never be a nurse and deal with stitches and blood. I was a flight attendant which, at times, involved cleaning up people’s vomit and fluids, but can’t do blood. Any job with a repetitive nature makes me want to smash my head on the wall. Or one where I’m on the phone all day.

    Evidently, there are people whose job is to collect dead bodies out of the river here in Saigon. Add that to my list. The ladies in the markets here who sell fish have my respect too. They spend all day clubbing fish to death and cutting them apart – usually while squatting on the ground.

    Looking at the jobs that other people have to do or choose to do really is a great way to put the things we complain about into perspective.

  41. Couldn’t be a surgeon (don’t have the heart for it) or a wrestler. And forget being a rail-thin model (couldn’t give up eating). Congrats on being freshly pressed!

  42. Math Teacher.
    I hate maths!

  43. Jobs which spell monotony!

  44. I cudn’t do eating my meal while watching ‘SAW’.
    But trust me, u make a good blog. 🙂

  45. I still feel invincible…
    And am still in college, so I can’t be picky with my jobs *lol*.
    If money weren’t an issue, though, then I’d hate to be a nurse.

  46. The jobs I “couldn’t” do are very different from the ones I “wouldn’t” do. I would love to be an actor or professional athlete but lacked the talent. I would hate to be a garbage collector but probably possess the capability.

    As inspiring as it is, I’m not sure I want to repeat to my children the promise that Mister Rogers and Back To The Future told my Me-First generation (respectively, that all of us are unique & special and that anything’s possible if we set our minds to it). The fact is there will always be fewer awesome jobs in the world than people who would love to do them, as well as jobs that are vital to society which absolutely no one wants to do. I respect the lucky few who pursued vigorously and eventually landed their dream jobs. As for the janitors of this world, whose dream presumably was not to mop up poop and puke for a professional lifetime, I respect them to.

  47. Could never be:

    A Border Patrol Agent because I’d shoot anything that came close.

    A politician because I’d vote NO on EVERYTHING that included spending(even $1).

    An abortion doctor.

    A Customs and Immigration agent because I’d turn down anybody who tried to come through.

    A rap artist(shoot me now, before it’s too late.)

  48. I’m 24 and still don’t know wich way to go. It’s kind of a relief cause i don’t feel like I’m growing up just yet.
    Cute post

  49. Hilarious! I just got a job, (today is day 5) and have to work today (Saturday) So I really needed the motivation, I would not be able to last long at any job in which I would have to sit on a desk and read through numbers!!!

  50. Sports Athlete. I’d probably embarrass myself.

    Definitely not anything involving cleaning.

    Anything financial services based unless its in administration.

    Doctor. Garbage Collector or Plumber – I’d not want to fix toilets!

  51. Great post!
    Got me thinking about what jobs I cannot do…..
    (still thinking)…. K 🙂

  52. My blog EXISTS because I began my existential quarter life crisis last year a few months before turning 25. My life completely changed shortly after (for the better), but nonetheless I’m still trying to figure out my life path! Being in your twenties is all about figuring out your next step and trying to have fun in the process! 🙂

  53. I can’t imagine being a doctor, it must be very tough work even just to be called as one.

  54. This is a great perspective! I can’t stand my job… but after reading this I realize that at least it’s a job I can do. Ditto on the invading peoples’ personal space – gahhh. I am so glad you posted, because it’s a huge help in narrowing the field of possible future employment.

  55. atrocious of life

  56. I wanted to be a doctor but can’t stand the sight of blood – makes me sick. I could never be a nurse or an orderly. I feel I can do anything that I WANT to – the other stuff – forget about it.

  57. Social worker. That appears to be one of the new millennium’s “can’t do right for doing wrong” jobs.

    Do too much – you’re interfering.

    Do too little – you’re negligent.

    I take my hat off to social workers.

  58. Oh the list would go on. I am a teacher now. I work with 3 year olds…. I suppose I could never work with children older than 11. That 11-18 phase is frightening. The children don’t always want to be In school. Not great!

    Anything involving Maths would be awful for me. It was always tough for me. I applaud anyone who uses it in their work.

    An office job (oh cringe). If I worked in a box and only saw the same faces each day or only spoke on the phone to people I might go mad!!!!!! I am glad I have a big work space.

    Looking after old people – I think the people who do that work deserve a medal. I just know that I couldn’t do that everyday.

  59. i love it that you’re avoiding the quarterlife crisis, i plowed into it like a tsunami on the coast! Congrats on being Freshly Pressed, so stylin’!
    i have to say i gave up thinking about jobs i couldn’t do, pretty much all of them-i hate work, but i love having worked… 🙂 i now spend my time thinking about things i DO love doing, and doing those things…
    actually it’s funny so many people cringe at the CPA job, citing poor math skills- i thought the same thing until i found out how easy it was (calculators, duh) and how much it pays! :-)=)
    ALSO congrats to BC and other Writers who are doing what they love, nothing beats it!

  60. I have to contradict your parents: There are plenty of things that you cannot do—no matter how hard you try. (The same applies to everyone else, obviously.)

    A more important aspect of the issue is that there are many hard to nearly impossible things that we can do if we are willing to go through the sacrifices, but that not all of them are worth doing. This just not because (as above) we may not like them, but because the opportunity cost is too large: The result is not worth the effort, and the time, energy, money, whatnot, could have been spent in a more productive and enjoyable way elsewhere. My recommendation would be to not stubbornly try to achieve a certain preset goal, but to regularly question goals, priorities, etc., and adapt future behaviour accordingly.

  61. I think the question is: What jobs are LEFT to do in this ecomony…..

    spread the humor:

  62. Things I couldn’t do?

    -Work with other people’s children.
    -Fast food industry
    -Clean (I can barely keep my own house clean!)

  63. Almost anything science based! For some reason we just don’t click. Chemistry is just about the most difficult thing for me to wrap my brain around.

  64. Deciding on a career is hard…for me, at least. There are many things to consider when picking a career. You have to look first at profit. This is common sense because the reason for a career is to get a profit so you can survive. Usually, the high-paying jobs are the ones that require extensive learning and studying. I am looking at being a business lawyer. I really don’t know if I will survive that career. What if I am not the best and I am not hired? Then college would have been a waste. The sad thing is that when you pick a career, you should pick a career you have talent for and a career you will love to do, and sometimes those type of careers turn out to be low-paying careers. I want to be a lawyer to get the money and I am focusing on that career. I think that one should be open minded when it comes to careers and that one should be aware of many career fields. I have thought about journalism. That is one that my friends have said I should do, but I am afraid I will not be the best and that I will be beaten by someone else. I enjoy constructing projects for school. Specifically, I enjoy projects that require researching and presenting. This could fit in a career field in business presentations, but do they make money? I think they do. They most likely do. Careers are tricky if you don’t know what you’re made of and don’t know what you can do.

  65. I enjoyed reading this…You’re facing the quarter and I’m facing the half century and like you said…I can do whatever I set my mind to do, but do I want to, that’s the question. I think there are many times in life, be it with age, children growing up, grandchildren becoming a part, moving, loss of family, illness or whatever we view as crisis or change…we reevaluate what’s important and career or job always comes up for review!

  66. realanonymousgirl2011

    Sometimes I had thought about being a massage therapist, but then I thought about massaging people other than the sleek bodies on massage ads and decided I couldn’t do it. A painter would have been wonderful and artistic but I’ve taken a class and I don’t know if I could do it day in and day out for hours.

  67. I couldn’t be a masseuse because I don’t want to put my hands on their bodies. I had trouble giving an ex-boyfriend a foot massage because I didn’t like touching feet.

  68. I couldn’t be untrue to myself. here is what Natalie Goldberg says “trust in what you love, continue to do it, and it will take you where you want to go.” and she’s right!

  69. Hi Lauren, I love the way you write. Keep doing things, you can do it all.

  70. Congrats on your Freshly Pressed!

    A lot of my friends say the couldn’t do my job – I work with damaged young people, so spend a lot of my time getting abuse hurled my way, restraining teenagers, as well as helping them pick up the pieces of their lives and enabling them to start putting them back together.
    Totally rewarding, but I’d be a liar if somedays it was overwhelming.

    I wanted to do a million and one things when I was a child, a journalist, a pathologist or a ballerina where high up there on the list.
    Like you I have amazing parents who have shown me through hard work and determination, that anything is possible.
    They also gave me the best support system I could have wished for, which brought me to my current job. I wanted to give support to those who had none.

    I can’t think of any job I couldn’t do, a few I wouldn’t mind you!

  71. Hi Lauren!
    Funny I come across your blog because I just received my Associates in Chemistry (AA) but I’m definitely not the smartest person in my classes. My advisor and mentor-like friend has been suggesting for the past 2 years that I switch my major to something like International Relations. Now, I’m President of the Statewide SGA in Florida but I love Forensics and don’t see myself anywhere near politics. My boyfriend just made an obvious point that I can do something related to but not exactly politics with a Poli-Sci degree and I am started to consider the possibility but I wouldn’t be able to do that.
    or be a nurse. i don’t mind the bleeding and the gush and all of that but i don’t think i can clean up after people who can’t make it to the restroom. -.-

  72. I thought your subject is so good for me! I appreciate your subject

  73. a friend does the makeup on dead people. i couldnt do that. id end up painting the whole cast of thriller! not to mention how creepy it would be to have more social interaction with the dead than people with a pulse!!

  74. Fun post.

    I’ve been working as a journalist since I was 18 (several decades) and still love it, although the pay remains annoying and the industry is dying.

    I couldn’t do any job that involves physical intimacy (nursing, medicine, teaching) or cleaning up others’ messes (chambermaid, etc.)

    But I worked retail PT for 2+ years, 2007 to 2009, and that significant, unplanned downshift in income and status and challenge is the subject of my second book. It taught me a great deal about what you CAN put up with if you need to bring in the money, no matter how bored you are or how rude the customers or nasty the company you work for.

    You ultimately do whatever is (ethically and legally) necessary.

  75. Anything involved with finances, math, or mechanical aptitude. My brain would explode in mere seconds…

  76. I thought of one more… I could never be someone’s assistant. Getting coffee and setting up appointments for someone else doesn’t sound like fun to me and I’d probably mess everything up and get fired!

  77. I could not give pedicures – I hate feet. lol.

  78. Love your blog…chanced upon it…keep writing !

  79. I couldn’t be a ballet dancer . . . but then it was never my dream . . . in fact, I’m not sure what my dream was . . to be creative, maybe . . so now I write music, I perform, I write, I draw… I think that’s enough . . maybe a little later in life than I’d have liked but . . . .

  80. Jobs I couldn’t do-

    Prostitution- cause I think you have to stay up late and my parents would so not like that.

    Bat Cave Scavenger- Unless it was “The Batman’s” cave then I would totally do it!

    Worm Picker- My little brother did it and like made so much money one summer but I couldn’t do it cause worms are so grossifying.

    So yeah I could pretty much be president or anything.

  81. What I like about this is that all the jobs people are saying they couldn’t do are also the things they wouldn’t do. It’s a nice antidote to our usual habit of complaining that the jobs we can get are boring/don’t pay enough/aren’t good enough for us…

  82. in China they have a mobile van that goes to smaller towns to facilitate executions; I think it’s lethal injection

    Probably couldn’t do that one, although I am thinking there are probably drivers that say something like: Hey, it’s a living.

  83. I’ve been a dog groomer and a babysitter and now I’m a massage therapist. I don’t think I could be a veternarian because I love animals and couldn’t put them down. And I really can’t do anything where it isn’t physical, like a computer job, I think I’d be too bored. Besides that, I think I’d try my hand at about anything, but whatever I do I gotta love it.

  84. The worst part of my job is how scared the dogs can be. I don’t mind growling and biting so much, but when they give you that sad, wilty-eared look and shake…all I want to do is kiss them. >.<

  85. My mind’s been playing ping pong with similar things this evening…I have so many toss up’s and starting school soon! :0 Over a quarter of my life is gone and here I sit finally pondering what I need to do. Finding what is fitting & realistic for “me” is a challenging mind adventure that often leads to a block. I feel like a bundle of nerves….thanks for sharing, this helped

  86. Lovely post 😀 I’m game for most things but I think being a gynaecologist would be the worst for me (even as a girl!) I mean how many time can you look at …………

  87. You are very lucky to have such positive and supportive parents. Jobs I would not want to do? Accounting. Or anything to do with numbers. I am bad with numbers- to a point where I even couldn’t do the job even if I wanted…lol…

  88. Awesome post.

    A shampoo assistant is probably the most feasible in this list for me, but I’d still rather not scratch scalps other than my own.

    This cracked me up.

    Like you said, nurse. But not for the blood thing. For the smell. If I smell something really gross, which is probable in a medical environment, I’ll projectile vomit.

    And politican. While I am addicted to politics, there’s no way I would consider being a politician. You need thick skin, and my feelings are easily hurt. Considering my colorful past, I’d never get past the vetting stage anyway. 😉

    Congratulations on being FP!!

  89. Ah! Food for thought with your post. I wouldn’t want to be a roofer in a hot climate and I wouldn’t want to work road construction in a cold one.

  90. I could not be a nurse or nurse tech…I don’t think I could deal with the bodily fluids. Also, I know that I could not be a telemarketer…all the rejection and hang ups is NOT for me.
    Good post…makes you think!

  91. Ahhh to be 25 again……
    Being a nurse, I can say, the first time you get thrown up on is bad, but then it all just gets boring like any other job.
    Congrats on being FP’d!

  92. I wouldn’t want to be a politician and have to look at myself in the mirror every morning and see Pinocchio.

  93. I have thought of pursuing a Medical Veterinary degree but when I came across this post and read the “hold them forcefully to clip their nails or — I hate to even say this — put them down” part, I gotta say you got me thinking. I can imaging my heart breaking everyday too..hmm….
    Great Post!

  94. You convidence is the most absolute thing you must have whether you can’t do something but make someone else be aware of you.

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