When Was the Last Time You Made a Paper Crane?

If all goes as planned, I’ll be teaching the art of paper crane-making to co-workers today in an effort to raise money for the Red Cross Relief Fund. This was a brilliant idea until it hit me on Saturday that I’d first need to learn how to make paper cranes before I could teach anyone else.

So I tried one, then tried teaching my eager pupils.

Jessie and I are matching because it was halftime of our game against Duke. I can’t talk basketball today because of yet another heinous NCAA snub.

Dexter dashed in from the patio to help.

He is a handsome devil.

Stay tuned for a fundraising and paper-crane-making story of success or failure.

It could be a coin toss.

But let’s hope for success.


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  1. How sweet…Hi Dexter!

  2. Good luck – great initiative!

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