Slacker Town

I feel like I’ve been living in Slacker Town the past several days.

I’ve thought about blogging every day, with my promise to post every day nagging at me in the back of my mind, sometimes in the forefront, often ping-ponging in between the two.

But I’ve been busy, and for the life of me right now I cannot verbalize why I was busy.

I normally write — or at least begin — most of my posts while on the metro, commuting to or from work. I usually have one or two in my back pocket for a low-creativity day. But I’ve just been fresh out.

I think the hot water heater fiasco of last week, among other things, left me exhausted even to the point of no sense of humor. No sense of humor Lauren is not a Lauren who should be writing.

So here I am, days late, dollars short, with hardly anything to blog about except not blogging. I am a shell of the writer I was a week ago.

Therefore, I present you with a tactic all writers (and non-writers for that matter) use when their words are not making sentences like they’re used to — the bulleted list:

  • Winter has returned to DC and my Uggs and I wish it wasn’t so. Something feels so wrong about wearing tweed, wool and suede in March.
  • Thankfully Jessie and I are headed south this weekend, to Charleston S.C., for some girl time and warmer weather.
  • I found warmth in a gathering of VT alumni tonight at a historic manor out in Haymarket. Perhaps I will be able to write words about it in the future.
  • As touristy as it sounds, I can’t wait to take photos of the cherry blossoms next week. Last year I dragged Hugh out to the tidal basin at sunrise so I could take photos. Upon arrival, my camera died. I would really like a do-over.

Now my vocabulary and I must go get some rest so that we may make a gallant return to creativity in the morning.


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  1. Eloquent essay even though you thought you didn’t have anything to say. You did! By the way, the water leak sounds awful and my sympathies to you on that. Glad it is fixed.

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