Office Space

We all know what happens when something changes in the way we’re supposed to do things at work.

We used to take a PDF of a paper, add the images, call it a PiP, save it on a drive.

Close out an entry in a database which relied on software that was last updated in 1994.

Move the folder with all the files to be eventually published to a drive where copy editors would start working on it.

Create a mail merge file.

Edit it.

Print two copies.

Send an email to the database_specialist.

Hand deliver a title page and a coversheet to the database_specialist.

Click a button.

And, voila, a manuscript was sent to production.

Last week we ushered in an era in which the verification of a few bits of information, a quick check of the files and the click of a button would replace the long, wasteful practice we’re used to.

So, ignoring the possible implications this could have on the usefulness of our jobs, we celebrated.

Yes, those are hand-crafted paper chain streamers.

(I had nothing to do with this).

And they are made of all those coversheets we’d been printing two copies of and hand-delivering.

If you squint you can see the remnants of this paper’s author list.

Last week — the whole operation and every bit of chaos it caused — was truly our own wonderful little piece of Office Space.


PS – this post was supposed to publish Friday and it made me ever so sad to log in today and notice it hadn’t published when it was a timely subject. Sigh.


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  1. I love the paper chains! Reminds me of the ones I made at work – with 13 column analysis pad paper šŸ™‚ Anyone out there remember accounting with green columnar paper??!! LOL

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