South of the Border

After talking about it for the past four or so years, Jessie and I finally made the nine-hour drive down to Charleston, South Carolina, to visit her Aunt Stacey. The occasion — Aunt Stacey’s 40th birthday. The cast of characters — Jessie’s mom, aunt and uncle, cousin, and Aunt Stacey’s irresistible little shih tzu Noah.

It was a popular weekend to be in Charleston. There was a 10k which 44,000 people participated in Saturday morning and a festival or two going on, so there was no shortage of tourists in the city. I like to think this is why I didn’t take many pictures during the weekend.

But I did take my camera out when Jessie let me stop at South of the Border on the way down. It helped that Jessie’s mom, Aunt Missy and Uncle Frank had stopped at “the restaurant under the sombrero,” on their drive down from Pennsylvania. When we pulled up to a restaurant under a sombrero and we didn’t know anyone inside, Jessie called her mom exclaiming “there are 10,000 sombreros!” …or something to that effect. It was comical in the moment, and we eventually found them near the giant junk store where I found…

Shot glasses a-plenty.

A sombrero for Jessie and a fly swatter for Troy.

And a giant purple gorilla, of course.

I didn’t buy any fireworks or any of the other things Pedro advertises on his plethora of billboards on I-95. And though it did remind me a little of an abandoned circus in a pretty creepy way, I always love a stop at South of the Border.

We saw what we came to see, filled up on gas and continued on our way through South Carolina.

And pictures of that I will save for another day because it is late and I have not gotten through them all yet.

Sorry, Mom.


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  1. Love the peace sign t-shirt!

  2. I can’t believe you stopped there. As a South Carolina native, South of the Border is such a … well, I’ve always wondered if anyone stops there because it’s so ugly and always empty. Funny post.

    • You know, it’s almost so awesomely bad that it requires a stop every now and then. It also happened to coincide with a need for gas and a bathroom break. But I don’t know how it stays in business, it was so vacant! Definitely creepy…

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