Doing History in Charleston

For me, one of the best things about Charleston — right up there with its Southern charm and food — is the history of the place. Especially the Civil War history, so of course I had to pay a visit to Ft. Sumter where it all began 150 years ago (almost to the day!).

Jessie’s Uncle Frank was as enthusiastic as I was (thankfully) and kept asking “Are we going to do history today or what?!” I got on his bandwagon pretty quickly. We rallied the troops and hopped the ferry, where most of us napped in the sun rather than taking in the views.

We had an hour to wander around the fort in what might have been the most severe wind I’ve experienced since leaving Blacksburg. It actually made me miss Blacksburg while also making me slightly wary of my trip to Chicago next weekend.

Jessie enjoyed the artillery.

I enjoyed the view of Charleston from the top of the fort…

…When I wasn’t being overwhelmed by the wind. (photo credit to Jessie!)

Inside the museum, I found a picture of the namesake of Ft. Sumter, General Thomas Sumter.

I believe him to be cross-eyed.


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  1. I love historying with you…really!

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