The Rest of Charleston

Unfortunately I didn’t take many pictures as Jessie and I wandered around Charleston. I’m not happy with myself about it, but I guess I was just wrapped up in breathing in the sea breeze, strolling the sidewalks and taking in the sights.

We had lunch at Poogan’s Porch, a converted Charleston home painted cheerful yellow with a shady front porch named for the dog that used to reside there.

After  lunch we made a shopping list of houses we wish to own one day. And once we woke up from our daydreams, we saw mostly churches and cemeteries. Charleston is apparently called the Holy City because there are so many churches.

The picture above is the Circular Church which was built in 1804 by the same architect who designed the Washington Monument, a fun fact we learned on our romantic horse-drawn carriage ride through the city.

Yes, Jessie and I took a carriage ride together. And it was fantastic.



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  1. I like seeing the sunshine!

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