My Furry Nephew is a Movie Star

Jessie and I are best friends.

See Jessie smile.

Jessie was my roommate for three years.

Three whole years.

We shared a dorm room, then we shared an apartment with a backyard we loved so much we’d sit in it long after the sun had gone down.

We shared a million silly moments full of uncontrollable laughter.

Then we graduated.

And because she knew she couldn’t live with me forever and would need an additional companion, Jessie got a puppy.

The puppy’s name was Dexter.

See baby Dexter sit.

Dexter, my furry nephew, turned three years old last week. He makes his Aunt Lauren feel old.

But Dexter also makes his Aunt Lauren proud, because he does things like sit, stay, go get, roll over, and stand on his hind legs with his arms up in the air.

He also responds to YouTube videos of talking babies.

See Dexter speak.

Speak Dexter speak.

Jessie claims he is howling, I think he sounds like a mooing cow.

Either way, my furry nephew is a star.

And I am a proud Aunt Lauren.


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  1. Best post ever! Just kidding, but it is adorable šŸ™‚

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