Chicago Adventures Part 1: Take Me out to the Ballgame

It rained and it poured on our first day in Chicago. As we drove through the city, Wrigley Field suddenly erupted from the low-lying buildings, bars and shops. With little else to do, we decided to tour the stadium.

We saw the field from different angles. The only angle I didn’t see was from the bleachers on top of the buildings surrounding the stadium. Ingenious.

We learned that outdated technology is used in the press box.

The Cubs’ club house was light years better than the locker room they provide for visiting teams.

At the end of the tour, we walked from the clubhouse out to the dugout through a door that had endured decades of rage from the foot of many an angry pitcher and hitless batter.

I couldn’t take many pictures outside because my lens was not a fan of the rainy weather.


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  1. Cold, rainy baseball weather? That’s Chicago!
    Good pictures!

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