Chicago Adventures Part 2: Exploring Andersonville

Andersonville is a historically Swedish neighborhood of Chicago, and is the site of the new McCarthy family homestead. The neighborhood’s center is a main street full of shops, restaurants and a museum or two, the homes have yards, the neighbors have dogs, and you can do almost anything and get almost anywhere by foot. If I had to live in a big city, this is how I’d want to do it. There is hardly a tall building to be seen, the lake is a short walk away, and the houses are close but not necessarily connected. I just loved it.

We walked the Sophie dog through the neighborhood.

We stopped in a rummage sale store in a converted building that used to be home to the Calo Theater.

We passed a church that was geographically confused.

We edited the grammar of Saturday morning’s blog post, which I wrote and uploaded from my phone (I’m not being rude, I’m editing).

And we walked the Sophie dog several more times. Here we are in an alley with some trash cans:

Perhaps my favorite part of exploring Andersonville was eating lunch at Ann Sather’s where they give you a fresh warm cinnamon roll as an appetizer. Unfortunately, I was too mesmerized by it to take a picture.


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  1. These pics are great! Chicago’s neighborhoods are so neat. Nice new look of the blog too!

  2. You described the neighborhood wonderfully. Yes, cinnamon rolls…mmmm I liked the pictures very much. I also like the new design of your blog.

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