This is my 100th post since I started this blog on my birthday, November 22, 2010.

100 posts seems like a lot in under six months and yet I have had stretches of time (more recently) in which I wasn’t feeling like I was writing enough.

And on that note, I never posted pictures from the reason we went to Florida last weekend — Amanda’s graduation from UF!

The beautiful grad with her proud family/my godparents/my parents’ BFFs:

With her Uncle Shelly, whom I’ve adopted as my own Uncle Shelly:

We were thankful for her hot pink shoes, they were solely responsible for our ability to identify her from way up in the stands:

Family pic with the grad — sadly, without the Dylan who was finishing up the semester still:

At her graduation party that night, we took one of the best — certainly the most epic — Lee/Johnson Family Photos of all time.

Unfortunately, most of our VT’s are not quite right…

We needed Dylan there to fully represent the six of us Hokies in the family outnumbering the two lone Gators, but I think we got the point across.

Oh, Amanda, I can’t believe you graduated already. Remember when you came to my graduation? The only picture I have is blurry, but it’s proof:

Yeah, that was three years ago.

Anyway, Amanda, congratulations to you. You’re getting quite the start to alumni life — a job with university athletics and an apartment with a college best friend?! Lucky girl. Here’s hoping it’s like a continuation of college, but instead of classes and homework you’ll have a paycheck and at least a little more freedom.

Three years from now I know you’ll be doing great things and be surrounded by wonderful people.

And we’ll be at Dylan’s college graduation in Blacksburg.

No, I can’t handle that thought right now.


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  1. Happy 100th!

  2. Love it Lauren Lee….and love you, too! xoxo Uncle Shelly

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