MOH Chronicles: Throwing a Bridal Shower

As one of two Maids of Honor in Rebecca’s wedding, (the other is her sister), I was given the task of throwing her a Pampered Chef bridal shower. In my entire 24.5 years of living, I’ve been to exactly one Pampered Chef party and one bridal shower.

I hosted neither.

So I had the date – May 22nd – and I had the guest list, but I had no idea what I was doing. I’m not sure I understood the concept — was I inviting people to a party specifically for them to buy gifts for the bride? It gave me the heebie jeebies, having a party just so the bride can get some “free stuff.” Gift registries similarly weird me out — I like to give thoughtful, personal gifts, so I’ve never been a fan of the “here’s what I want, pick one” list, not even for Christmas. Though, I should say that I’ve never gotten married, so I refrain from judgement.

Feel free to mock me if I turn up in a few years with a registry miles long.

Moving on.

I planned a citrusy fiesta shower for the bride, a lover of tequila and Mexican food. I made citrus-filled vases for centerpieces, and the favors (parties are supposed to have favors, I learned) were gummy orange slices and other citrusy candies.

I made guacamole, served on a snack table with chips and salsa, and the Pampered Chef consultant made a Southwestern salad with chicken and homemade cilantro lime dressing.

I had planned to serve appetizer-sized quesadillas as well, but Dexter pulled his pre-bridal shower stunt which left me soaking wet with unkempt hair, grassy feet, and little time to pull the party together before people started arriving. Maybe I’ll share that whole story tomorrow.

I even made festive labels to differentiate between the spiked and non-alcoholic beverages (margarita punch and pink lemonade) and to explain the dessert.

And oh, those tequila sunrise cupcakes. If I never eat another, it will be too soon. But they are delicious — orange-flavored cake (it has orange juice in it, which makes it healthy right?) and freshly whipped buttercream frosting made with grenadine to complete the cocktail’s recipe. They were my pride and joy and looked so beautiful on Mom’s cake pedestal that I bought one of my own with my Pampered Chef hostess discount (50% off!).

As you can see, I need to work on my buttercream piping, or at least learn to hide decorating flaws when setting up the display:

I also made wine charms with each guest’s name which were very, very cute, but I sadly didn’t get a picture of them. And since she was the guest of honor, the bride did not get a standard wine glass with a name tag charm on it. No, she got a hot pink wine glass that was big enough for extra helpings of margarita punch.

I took very few pictures because I was a frantic mess most of the afternoon, but I think it turned out well and most everyone enjoyed themselves. Rebecca did at least, and I suppose that was the point of it all along.

Now on to planning her next shower.


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  1. Looks beautiful LL! Nice job!

  2. Those cupcakes look yummy…they wouldn’t happened to be inspired by Joy the baker???

    • Hey D – actually Curbside Cupcake had some during Cinco De Mayo week, so I googled around for recipes and ended up using/altering a recipe for orange cake. I hadn’t realized how popular “cocktail cupcakes” are though … might have to try a few more 🙂

  3. Well, I must say they looked delish…I must get the recipe from you sometime. I agree..I’m always on the lookout for a new alcohol-inspired cupcake..haha..

    I’ve made some rum cupcakes a couple of months ago that turned out pretty good and would certainly recommend if you in the market for a new “cocktail cupcake”.

    The recipe is from David Lebovitz, but adapted by one of my favorite food bloggers:

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