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No One Mourns the Wicked

Having planned for this outing months ago, I was somewhat unprepared for yesterday’s excitement. Rebecca met me in DC for happy-hour-style dinner at Ceiba ($5 cocktails and half-priced bar menu? Sign me up).  I had a mojito, Rebecca had a margarita, and we shared three deliciously cheap appetizers, including pulled pork pupusas which are fun to say and fun to eat.

Then we headed to the main event — a sold out showing of Wicked at the Kennedy Center.

I have been waiting years to see Wicked, in fact it was probably over a year ago when Rebecca and I noted in our calendars that it would be coming back to DC in 2011.

It was awesome.

The last broadway show I saw was the Lion King in NYC last summer. I walked out of that theater pretty certain that nothing would ever top it.

But Wicked was equally mind-blowing and fulfilled all my childhood dreams of knowing more about Oz and the story behind the Wizard of Oz (pretty much my favorite movie ever). I loved the comedy and the love story and the plot twists and the allusions to the original story and the music. I wanted to hit rewind after a couple of scenes and immediately re-watch them. It was that good.

We were goofy happy afterward, can you tell?

I was a little tense because I handed my camera to a stranger for this picture. Eesh.

Anyway, I can’t overlook the added benefit to seeing a show at the Kennedy Center, which of course is seeing the Kennedy Center. It is one of my favorite places in DC. The pictures of a young, handsome JFK and the ever-glamorous Jackie, the grandiose Hall of Nations, the River Terrace overlooking the Potomac, the big red bow around the whole building at Christmastime — I just really like the Kennedy Center.

A big thank you to Rebecca, who bought the tickets as a ‘thank you’ to me for being the best MOH #2 she’s ever had.


Running Update: I Did What?!

This is what I looked like when I finished my run last night:

I looked down at my Endomondo app on my phone and it looked like this:

If you think my faulty screen shot (photo credits: Hugh) is fooling you, this is what it looked like on Endomondo online:

I ran 4.06 miles in 46 minutes, 39 seconds. The speed is clearly not what I’m excited about (I’m slow as they come, plus we stopped for a bit to play with a golden retriever puppy named Bentley).

It’s the 4 miles part that’s got me doing cartwheels.

Remember when I was excited about 3 and I knew I could do more? Well my most recent run (a whole week ago, in Tulsa, OK) was rough. I had to walk after about 2 miles — the Oklahoma heat and sparse shade was too much for me. See my so-so progress (for the runs I’ve tracked with GPS):

So it felt extra good at 3 miles tonight, that I was able to say  to Hugh (who could run a 10K without ever training at all), “Let’s do one more little lap!” He eventually stopped at 3.62 miles, because I said my app’s distance was a little behind his and I wanted to finish the same distance as him. But as I rounded 3.62, I was thinking, why not just make it count all the way to 4, just to see it?

So I ran laps in my apartment’s parking lot, back and forth past Hugh, until the GPS tracked up to 4 miles. And I could have done more. Again, I realized that this 10K — excessive heat notwithstanding — is totally doable. And that’s a really, really good feeling.

The endorphins help a little.

MOH Chronicles: The Bridesmaid Dress Shopping Saga

I have never tried on so many dresses in my life.

Let me step back and let you know a little about me. Sure, I like to shop. But I will walk around a store picking up clothes for myself and eventually decide not to buy anything because I do not like trying clothes on. I much prefer online shopping.

But I am a dutiful MOH, so when Rebecca took Megan (MOH #1) and me shopping one evening last month I tried on every dress on the rack with a giant grin on my face. See?

Megan and I shared a tiny dressing room at this store, which allowed us to have side conversations about the dresses we were wearing and guess what the bride’s reaction would be before we walked out.

Megan and I both liked the dresses with pockets as well as getting pinned by a stranger. We have a lot in common.

After trying on 147 dresses each, Rebecca needed to look through a catalog for additional options.

Eventually, Megan had to re-try the front runner while I sat comfortably in my own clothes and took pictures.

And compare the current front-runner to a past front-runner from a previous shopping trip.

Alas, we departed for a store down the road which had an even more limited selection. After a trip to Rosalin’s Bridal the next week where Megan (MOH #1) and Maria (bridesmaid) tried on more dresses in similar silhouettes but different fabrics, the bride eventually made a decision.

The dresses are not black or pink.

And they have all been ordered, so there’s no turning back now.

There’s also no more trying on.

I Met a Mini Horse in Oklahoma

His name was Harley and we were best friends.

He has a bigger head than I do and probably weighs close to twice as much as I do.

I have plenty more pictures from visiting Hugh’s family in Oklahoma this past weekend, but for now meet Harley the great dane.



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