Where Did May Go?

Besides the fact that it was 80 degrees at 6 a.m. today, I’m having a hard time accepting that it is June already.


I don’t even know where May went, and I’m already half-a-day into June.

May started slowly and calmly, after a whirlwind April, with a trip to Dick’s to oogle kayaks and buy a kickball.

I ventured out into the sun for a lobster roll from the Red Hook Lobster Truck. (It was worth the $15).

Spent some time on the roof of our office building. Pretty, isn’t it?

Went bridesmaid dress shopping twice.

Cut out of work early one afternoon to visit with Mary (hi Mary!) who ventured out of New Orleans for a week. We had lunch and wandered through the Newseum.

Hugh and Mary fought over the Perry Daily Journal.


And eventually became civil again.

Hugh took a bunch of pictures that all look like this:

The most interesting part of our Newseum visit (since I’d seen it all for the millionth time in November) was a little current events addition to the 9/11 exhibit. On the far left is a wall of newspaper front pages from the day after the attacks, in the middle is an antenna from the World Trade Center. Now, projected onto an empty wall in the center of the exhibit, are front pages from the day after Osama Bin Laden was killed.

Very interesting, indeed.

At the end of Mary Week, I took care of my nephew for a few days. He’s so sweet when he’s sleeping.

Went to my first-ever WMZQ-fest at the now no-fun-zone that is Jiffy Lube Live

Had to try twice several times for a decent picture, and we still weren’t successful.

The next day, tired and overloaded with country music, I whipped up some cupcakes (and other things) for a bridal shower, chased a dog through the neighborhood during a downpour, and bought some Pampered Chef goodies.

On a lunch break from work, we took a long, long walk to get some mac and cheese from the mac and cheese truck. I had the original – macaroni, cheddar and pimento cheeses, and Cheez-It crumbles on top. YUM.

I started teleworking on Thursdays, so I got to experience Rebecca’s daily life with the cats. It seems that Lily makes things like present-wrapping difficult.

We spent Memorial Day weekend at the Bay house having a great time with tons of people I love (plenty more pictures to come later).

And on the last day of May, I finally won our monthly inter-cube food trivia challenge.

Oh, and I let Hugh convince me to sign up for a 10K in July.

I guess June’s recap will include a lot more of this:


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  1. Mary McCarthy

    Thanks for the shout out! I am glad I could get in on your awesome May. Thanks for ducking out of work to help keep Hugh and I civil, and I can’t wait to see you again in September.

  2. I loved seeing these wonderful photos, even the altercation between Hugh and Mary (smile). Hope you are having a good time training for the 10K.

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