Surefire Ways to Have a Super Friday

1. Good weather. Beautiful, not-too-hot, perfectly sunny weather with a breeze. My run this morning was not only a success, but it was enjoyable. It’s funny how much you enjoy breathing when it’s not 97 degrees outside.

2. Panera. I got an email from Panera yesterday saying they’d put something on my Panera card, and I knew there’d be no discussion today. We were going to Panera without a doubt. I ordered my half sierra turkey sandwich and half Greek salad and handed the cashier my Panera card, followed closely by my credit card. “You have a free You Pick 2 on your card today,” she said. “Would you like to use it now?” Is that even a question? My lunch was free.

3. Diet Cheerwine. It is the best. Sun Drop is a close second. EWhit – you are awesome for sharing such a wonderful thing!


4. Family time. We’re having dinner with some of the extended family tonight, some of which I see far too infrequently. Perhaps the best part about it (besides the family thing) is that dinner is coming from Tony’s, a Manassas staple and my absolute favorite place to eat at home.

Today is in serious competition for the best Friday on record to date.


Posted on June 3, 2011, in Friends, Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Fun Friday music at my desk (via the Tony’s link)

  2. oh…and perhaps you could have added to the last sentence: “…except of course for ‘at home’.”

  3. I love it when Panera does that! & that turkey sandwich is pretty amazing(:

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