MOH Chronicles: The Bridesmaid Dress Shopping Saga

I have never tried on so many dresses in my life.

Let me step back and let you know a little about me. Sure, I like to shop. But I will walk around a store picking up clothes for myself and eventually decide not to buy anything because I do not like trying clothes on. I much prefer online shopping.

But I am a dutiful MOH, so when Rebecca took Megan (MOH #1) and me shopping one evening last month I tried on every dress on the rack with a giant grin on my face. See?

Megan and I shared a tiny dressing room at this store, which allowed us to have side conversations about the dresses we were wearing and guess what the bride’s reaction would be before we walked out.

Megan and I both liked the dresses with pockets as well as getting pinned by a stranger. We have a lot in common.

After trying on 147 dresses each, Rebecca needed to look through a catalog for additional options.

Eventually, Megan had to re-try the front runner while I sat comfortably in my own clothes and took pictures.

And compare the current front-runner to a past front-runner from a previous shopping trip.

Alas, we departed for a store down the road which had an even more limited selection. After a trip to Rosalin’s Bridal the next week where Megan (MOH #1) and Maria (bridesmaid) tried on more dresses in similar silhouettes but different fabrics, the bride eventually made a decision.

The dresses are not black or pink.

And they have all been ordered, so there’s no turning back now.

There’s also no more trying on.


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  1. So when will I see what they look like?

  2. LOL…the joy of weddings! Good luck

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