No One Mourns the Wicked

Having planned for this outing months ago, I was somewhat unprepared for yesterday’s excitement. Rebecca met me in DC for happy-hour-style dinner at Ceiba ($5 cocktails and half-priced bar menu? Sign me up).  I had a mojito, Rebecca had a margarita, and we shared three deliciously cheap appetizers, including pulled pork pupusas which are fun to say and fun to eat.

Then we headed to the main event — a sold out showing of Wicked at the Kennedy Center.

I have been waiting years to see Wicked, in fact it was probably over a year ago when Rebecca and I noted in our calendars that it would be coming back to DC in 2011.

It was awesome.

The last broadway show I saw was the Lion King in NYC last summer. I walked out of that theater pretty certain that nothing would ever top it.

But Wicked was equally mind-blowing and fulfilled all my childhood dreams of knowing more about Oz and the story behind the Wizard of Oz (pretty much my favorite movie ever). I loved the comedy and the love story and the plot twists and the allusions to the original story and the music. I wanted to hit rewind after a couple of scenes and immediately re-watch them. It was that good.

We were goofy happy afterward, can you tell?

I was a little tense because I handed my camera to a stranger for this picture. Eesh.

Anyway, I can’t overlook the added benefit to seeing a show at the Kennedy Center, which of course is seeing the Kennedy Center. It is one of my favorite places in DC. The pictures of a young, handsome JFK and the ever-glamorous Jackie, the grandiose Hall of Nations, the River Terrace overlooking the Potomac, the big red bow around the whole building at Christmastime — I just really like the Kennedy Center.

A big thank you to Rebecca, who bought the tickets as a ‘thank you’ to me for being the best MOH #2 she’s ever had.


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  1. Oh, I’m going in August! I was just as excited. Was it good?

  2. Glad you guys had such a fun outing! Looks uh-mazing.

  3. I am so jealous! For 3 things: 1) You were in DC. I have been dying to go back since 2004. 2) You were at the Kennedy Center. I love that place! It looks beautiful, inside and out. & 3) You watched Wicked. I tried catching it when it was in Miami and I totally hated my boyfriend for not taking me after mentioning it to him several times.
    So after reading this, I just want to do all above mentioned activities even more.

  4. Super jealous. I wanted to see Wicked but by the time I got around to looking at tickets it was sold out 😦 Glad you two had fun! I’ll see it eventually…hopefully.

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