There is a phrase Hugh and I use that was born of the abbreviation trend with a dash of Jersey Shore influence.


Get ShStuff Done.

Much like The Situation’s routine of GTL ….

Hugh is an expert at GSD — he makes a list a mile long and keeps working on it, crossing things off until it’s done. If productivity is his strong suit, procrastination is mine. Thank goodness for Hugh or I might never get anything done. Well… that’s an exaggeration, but not by much.

Last night, even though my day-long caffeine high was wearing off, our apartment was GSD central.

I got home from work and did more work work.

Cooked dinner.

Did loads upon loads of laundry.

Actually put the laundry away.

Cleaned up the kitchen.

Worked on some finances.

Did some more work work.

Wrote, addressed and stamped a bunch of thank you notes (and even dropped them in the mailbox).

Cleaned up the bedroom closet (that is, put all my shoes away).

Prepped some food for the rest of the week’s lunches.

Watched the Redskins’ disappointing loss.

Made it to bed by midnight.

Needless to say I am exhausted today. And needless to say, I only put a small dent in the to-do list. Still left this week — fitting in venue visits and priest meetings around baseball games and tailor appointments.

And grocery shopping.

And cleaning the bathroom.

And finishing Rebecca’s wedding details.

And uploading pictures from the last several weeks.

But the more I’m motivated to get stuff done, the more accomplished I feel when I finally get to bed. (And the more I feel okay with escaping to Blacksburg for the weekend without chores looming).

Is this what responsibility feels like?


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  1. I’m just impressed that the laundry got put away. Way to go Annie!

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