MOH Chronicles: Finally a Recap of the Bachelorette Party

I apparently have no time for the blog anymore and it is depressing. So I’m going to try convincing myself that if I post posts full of photos, it takes less time. I can commit to something that takes less time.

Moving on.

For Rebecca’s bachelorette party, we gathered at a hotel downtown for cupcakes, drinks, games and primping.

Then we went to a lovely dinner at DC Coast.

After dinner, as we rounded the corner from the restaurant, our new best friend was there to greet us: Robert our limo driver.

(last two pictures stolen from sister-in-law of the bride – thanks Jess!)

Then we saw DC in all its nighttime beauty.

And then we went home and went to bed.

Just kidding.

We went out on the town, danced til we had to kick our shoes off, got Jumbo Slice (pizza bigger than your head), and then we went home.

Overall, I’d say it was a successful night. And now, the bride is one week away from her wedding so we’re off to have some girl time for the evening.


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  1. Looks like it was a wonderful night! Enjoy “girl time”!!

    Love you both!
    Mom/Momma Lee

  2. Beautiful pictures and I love your red shoes! Have fun next week and give my best to Rebecca! Love, Aunt B

  3. Lovely pix! Wonderful scenes! Pretty dresses and shoes! I could wear those shoes for about 5 minutes.

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