MOH Chronicles

I think Hugh said it best at happy hour once:

No one told me three years ago, when we were 21/22 and just out of college, that we would only have three years before the only thing we talk about is weddings.

It’s true. Weddings are everywhere at this point in our lives.

Our friends are getting married.

I’m re-budgeting to afford dresses, travel, gifts, and hotel rooms.

My PTO reserve used to be dedicated to annual beach trips, holidays, and days off here and there. I have a new PTO category dedicated to weddings.

It’s just a fact of life right now, and as much as I hate to admit we’re so old that everyone’s getting married, I can run from it no longer. Because someone is crazy enough to have asked me to be Maid of Honor in their wedding, and Maids of Honor enjoy dress shopping and cake baking and present buying.

So, I’m a happy MOH and here are my chronicles:

  1. MOH Chronicles…I like it. 🙂 Nice work, now make me some of those cupcakes!!

  2. Great quote by Hugh…it’s funny because it’s true. No matter what you say about weddings, nothing involving free cake can be bad. See you at Brandon’s wedding soon!

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