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When Was the Last Time You Made a Paper Crane?

If all goes as planned, I’ll be teaching the art of paper crane-making to co-workers today in an effort to raise money for the Red Cross Relief Fund. This was a brilliant idea until it hit me on Saturday that I’d first need to learn how to make paper cranes before I could teach anyone else.

So I tried one, then tried teaching my eager pupils.

Jessie and I are matching because it was halftime of our game against Duke. I can’t talk basketball today because of yet another heinous NCAA snub.

Dexter dashed in from the patio to help.

He is a handsome devil.

Stay tuned for a fundraising and paper-crane-making story of success or failure.

It could be a coin toss.

But let’s hope for success.


Every Weekend Should be a Three-Day Weekend

I took Friday off of work to hang out with my brother who was home from college for spring break. Because he was in need of Spring clothing, we spent the day at the outlets with Mom. The majority of our time was spent in the Ralph Lauren outlet, like this:

“Which pastel striped shirt should I get?” Dylan asked. “Could I wear this to fraternity events?” I think he ended up with neither of the ones he’s holding.

When that conundrum was solved, we happened into Brooks Brothers which looked like my Outlook inbox for work…

… Everything was color coordinated.

Even the outrageously expensive men’s short shorts were organized in ROYGBIV order — very pleasing to the organizationally-inclined eye.

After a few more stops we headed home to watch the Hokies play Florida State in the second round of the ACC tournament with Dad and Hugh. It was one of the more intense game endings I’ve witnessed in my Virginia Tech-loving life.

In the [long] video below, fast forward to about 6:00 (we’re in orange). And then you can fast forward to about 9:35 to relive the moment that our living room erupted into a flurry of screams and high-fives.

Long story short, we advanced to play Duke yesterday. Even though we beat them a few weeks back when they were #1 in the country, we lost. But that’s neither here nor there — It’s Sunday and I’ve already spent time with family, watched basketball and played spades with friends, eaten a hearty breakfast, and I have the whole day to be productive. If only every weekend was three days long, I’d fit it all in all the time.

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