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Bryan’s Sometimes Annual Badminton Tournament

This past Sunday, we spent more hours than I care to admit playing in and spectating at Bryan’s “Sometimes Annual” badminton tournament. My teammate this year (Hugh) was the reigning champ from last year, so the pressure was on. After going undefeated (2-0) in the round robin pre-tournament play, we entered the actual tournament with cautiously high hopes…

Don’t my friends look intensely athletic?

This is quite representative of our teamwork:

Where I lacked in hand-eye coordination, I made up for in the sportsmanlike conduct department — I handed out pre-game high fives to our opponents.

Jessie and Troy were the first team we beat, but I don’t think they’d gotten into this groove yet:

Benjamin was my teammate last year… we’re pretty sure we came in a close second to Hugh’s team, though our memories were a little foggy.

Naturally, I enjoyed the spectating part of the tournament. Only it got a little nerve-racking when the spectator became the player — so much pressure!

The second place trophy, engraved with the motivational message: “You should probably stick to cheering.”

And the coveted Brody Magody Trophy for the champion of the Sometimes Annual Badminton Tournament:

First Place:

Second Place:

I honestly can’t tell you how this happened, but you can probably tell that we did not win…

At least we’re the No. 3 ranked team going into next year’s tournament. Somehow.


Hot Town, Summer in the City

Even though it was 100 degrees and the air was thick with humidity, the girls from work and I sat outside at Hank’s Oyster Bar Wednesday night to celebrate another month of trivia success.

Who cares how hot it is when you’re about to feast on fresh oysters with fun people?

And the food did not disappoint — goldfish to start with, onion rings, cucumber salad, fried oysters and oysters on the half shell, dark chocolate for dessert and a cool glass of white wine.

If the servers had not been moving the umbrellas on the patio to block the sun from us as it set, we would have definitely fried to death. The things we’ll endure for a good meal…

In other news, this song is constantly stuck in my head these days:

Now it’s in yours too! Enjoy!

Fighting With Daylight Savings Time

Daylight savings time and I are not friends. My body is so confused. I was inexplicably exhausted most of the day yesterday, and I just know it had nothing to do with staying up past my bedtime to edit photos and watch a movie Sunday night. It was most definitely the fault of daylight savings time (DST). Minus 1 point for DST.

When I was walking home from work last night around 7:15 p.m. and it was still light out, I was more than grateful for the time change. I was borderline giddy. There’s not much I dislike more than walking home alone in the dark. It’s not that I’m scared, really, it’s just not fun to me. Plus 1 point for DST.

This morning I realized the sun isn’t coming up until after 7 a.m. In the 5-9 minute intervals between snooze alarms (two alarms, differing snooze schedules – it’s supposed to help me get up…) I rationalized that if the sun doesn’t have to get up, then neither do I. This is a bad rationalization. I got up very late this morning. Minus 1 point for DST.

During my nap on the metro, something finally clicked in my mind. Springing forward, turning the clocks ahead, and gaining daylight in the evenings brings us that much closer to sunshine, warm weather, Saturday farmers’ markets,

Sunny weekend trips to be touristy,

Baseball games after work,

Breakfast sausages at the Bay house,

Riding in the car with the windows down,

Pelican hunting,

And 98-degree afternoons on the beach.

Plus one million points for DST.

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