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When You Think Tim McGraw

My stress level the past few weeks has been slightly through the roof. I love my new job working in development for the non-profit I’ve been at for nearly three years, but it’s truly the first time since I started here in 2008 that I’ve felt like a fish out of water. Or a mediocre swimmer treading water. Or something about water.

It’s not that it’s that hard or I’m that slow, it’s just a lot to pick up at one time. New people, procedures, software, databases, a whole new focus that has very little to do with my publications background. It’s refreshing and challenging and frustrating all at the same time. In a good way.

So as this week drags on and I try to keep my head above water and get a million and one things done I can’t help but miss Saturday Lauren who sat on the lawn at Nissan Pavilion (it will always be Nissan to me) content and carefree.

We were so excited — we got there early and got to see The Band Perry and Luke Bryan before the main act. Luke Bryan was awesome. He covered Taylor Swift and best of all Enter Sandman in the middle of a song. I jumped and screamed and got goosebumps and yearned for Lane Stadium.

And then.

And then there was the man himself. Tim McGraw.

Now I’ve never been an especially huge fan of Tim McGraw, but after staring at him and singing with him last Saturday night I was so, so happy.

It had been a long day and I was pretty tired (see above) but so happy. Thanks Mom for the tickets and Jessie for being my date.

Oh and thank you Barrs for coming straight from a day of car shopping!

Now I just want to go back to that lawn with those people and loud music.



Struggling with Moving Anxiety

Forget my fast approaching move to a yet-to-be-determined new apartment which I’m sure will get much more exciting once we’ve actually found a place. Right now I’m stressing about my cubicle move. Did I mention I got a new job? I did.  Same company, different job, new people, new tasks. So now I have to move from the cozy cube I’ve inhabited for years on the 3rd floor, to a new one on the 5th floor.

I took this stuff down yesterday:

I worked on this wall (which used to display delightful greetings from various colleagues) the day I accepted the job offer. I was a little excited.

Can I bring these guys with me? My slightly askew family photo (it recently had a bit of a fall), Pierre my VT skunk, Gizmo the Wizards mascot I got on kids’ day at Verizon Center a few years ago, and my Dundie — they’ve all been living in my cube for so long, they have to come with me. At least the family photo and Pierre. And the Dundie. Gizmo may get donated to the next person to take my cube.

My most prized possession, known as The Wall of Shame, is staying. As long as someone decent takes my cube, the Wall of Shame stays. It is home to research papers about Jell-O’s role in the dinosaurs’ extinction, hand-drawn figures of the end of the world and predictions of cannibalism, as well as some of the best emails and out of office automatic replies I’ve received.

It will stay in my 3rd floor cube, and hopefully be bolstered by my cube’s new resident.

Now the jury’s still out on my leopard print snuggie’s propriety in the new cube.

I’m hoping that moving cubes next week will prep me for moving apartments next month. I’m overwhelmed just thinking about it.

I can’t even imagine moving my whole life to Japan, like my darling friend Rochelle.

The Oatmeal’s 10 Types of Crappy Interviewees

I haven’t interviewed for a job in three years, so when I read The Oatmeal’s comic about crappy interviewees, I started to wonder which one I was three years ago. I did get to a point of unemployment that pushed me close to the edge of desperate, after all. But the good news is, I don’t think I was any of the following:


(This comic is from The Oatmeal and you should visit the full comic here.)

The Lunch Discussion

Back in my younger days (read: college), I was busy all the time and I was enthusiastic, energetic and diligent about the responsibilities on my plate and the tasks on my to-do list.

I drank a cup of coffee for breakfast, usually while in class or while working, definitely while doing something else rather than just sitting and sipping.

I ate lunch when I thought about it. If I missed it, no big deal. I was busy, I had stuff to do and places to go, there was just no time to break for lunch some days. If my tummy was in danger of growling during class, I’d get a Diet Coke and a bag of chips and be fine until dinner.

Sometimes Jessie would call or text me, “Don’t forget to eat lunch today!”

Sometimes we’d set a time and place to eat lunch so that I had a really good reason not to skip it.

But mostly, lunch was just an afterthought in an already overbooked, attention-stretched day.

But now lunch is a whole different story.

Now that I spend my Mondays through Fridays sitting at a desk beneath fluorescent lights in an excessively air-conditioned building, lunch is an absolute. It’s the time every day that I can go for a walk, breathe fresh oxygen, eat something delicious often with bread and melted cheese, and feel more human than robotic for a little while.

Since its importance is well-understood in this office, my co-workers and I discuss lunch options for at least an hour (cumulatively, while working of course) every morning. Sometimes we plan Friday’s lunch during Thursday’s lunch. And on occasion, like when the Red Hook Lobster truck was scheduled to visit Dupont, we plan days in advance.

This lobster roll was completely worth the days of anticipation and $15.

Elizabeth, the lunch champion, also enjoyed it.

Thank goodness for the food truck craze in DC — it’s keeping our lunch options in the neighborhood remotely entertaining.

Last month we planned a visit to the grilled cheese truck — which made me anxious since it’s a lifelong dream of mine to own a grilled cheese shop. Thankfully the one I got ended up being just okay, so my dream isn’t totally shattered. There’s room for me in this market still.

And yet we spent an hour or more periodically discussing lunch options today because we’re bored of the usuals — sushi, Cosi, Five Guys, Sweetgreen — and the food trucks are apparently against Dupont today.

So Chipotle it is.

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